$3 million Verdict Leslie Hall v. Dr. Helmut Schrieber Cleveland, Ohio

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Les Hall elected to have bariatric surgery after having failed at losing weight for many decades. He went to Dr. Schrieber who had advertised his services and program for this type of surgery as one of the best in Ohio. After surgery, Les developed a leak in his intestinal tract at the area where the surgery was performed. Many signs and symptoms developed which were consistent with this leak however Dr. Schrieber did not follow up on these. Les eventually become infected throughout his body and, although he survived his ordeal, he suffered permanent and painful nerve damage which effects his ability to walk and take care of himself. At trial, Dr. Schrieber attempted to blame other physicians for his failure to follow up. A Cuyahoga County Jury returned a verdict in Les Hall’s favor. Les’ client testimonial regarding my representation of him can be found on AVVO.com and this website. He remains a close friend and has referred me cases frequently throughout the years.

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