$7.7 million Verdict Dr. Xiao Di and Nan Qiao v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Dr. Andrew Esposito Cleveland, Ohio

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This case involved negligent actions during a medical procedure that left Dr. Di, a neurosurgeon formerly employed by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, no longer able to operate. Back on Feb. 12, 2010, Dr. Di was performing surgery when he injured his left eye. Subsequent to that work-related injury, he underwent surgery to have his eye repaired. During that procedure, a hole was torn in Dr. Di’s iris and his left pupil was destroyed due to the negligent actions of Dr. Esposito and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation medical team. After a 2 ½ week trial, the jury awarded $7.7 million for the doctor’s pain and suffering, loss of consortium and to replace prior and future lost wages.

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