Fighting hospital negligence in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Hospital Negligence

People place their trust and their health in the hands of medical professionals. While most workers in the health care arena in Ohio are doing their best, unfortunately, some are providing less than optimal care.

Attorney Stephen Crandall has a unique perspective on the issue of hospital negligence. Early in his legal career, Crandall worked as a defense attorney. In that role, he defended doctors who’d been accused of malpractice. Today, he represents patients.

Crandall is proud to have such a thorough understanding of the issues around medical negligence. He knows that most doctors do their best. Crandall is proud to be able to tell patients when a case is legitimately a tragic loss with no malpractice. Crandall wants to provide honest service in his field.

Stephen Crandall sees a lot of problems with the way medicine is practiced today. One issue is the lobbying influence of insurance companies. By pumping up premiums and holding award numbers down, insurers hurt both doctors and patients. They are squeezing the health care system in all the wrong places. Today, physicians and nurses need to see more patients than ever before to make ends meet.

Another issue Crandall emphasizes is communication. He knows that doctors who will give patients and their families honest explanations are less likely to be sued. It’s the feeling that something’s been hidden that upsets families the most.

Finally, Crandall knows that winning his cases has positive impacts. No one wants to see malpractice. Even doctors will inform on other negligent providers where possible. And uncovering cases of negligence keeps hospitals honest. When businesses lose lawsuits, they find ways to improve quickly.

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