Common hospital negligence during pregnancy and birth

Patients have rights when they’re in the care of a health care professional, which means they can file a lawsuit if they believe they were mistreated or their health was neglected. Approximately 4,000 OB/GYNs are sued every year in Ohio and the rest of the United States, which can affect their careers and the decisions they make while caring for their patients in the future.

Top reasons an OB/GYN is sued

The top reason for medical malpractice lawsuits is due to an abnormal injury the patient suffered from or if the health care professional failed to diagnose the individual. Some of the top reasons OB/GYNs are sued by their patients are due to birth injury when the health care professional’s mistakes cause bowel perforation, shoulder dystocia, maternal or fetal death, or cerebral palsy. Hospital negligence can cause the courts to rule in favor of the patient.

Patients who aren’t diagnosed correctly because certain tests or assessments aren’t performed can also file a lawsuit for negligence. Other people choose to sue their OB/GYN if they don’t get the treatment they need when they experience issues and complications during pregnancy. Patients are more likely to sue a health care professional when their pregnancy doesn’t go smoothly.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you believe you suffered from injuries or a lack of care from your OB/GYN, contact an attorney to learn your rights and the right steps to take. A legal professional may take a look at your case and examine the details to determine if you should seek compensation. An attorney’s insights may be useful in pursuing the damages you deserve.

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