Crandall & Pera Partners Named To 2022 Super Lawyers Lists

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Firm News

We are pleased to share that partners Steve Crandall and Marc Pera have been named to a number of 2022 Super Lawyers lists for Ohio. Attorney Pera was named to two lists: the Top 50 for 2022 Cincinnati Super Lawyers and Top 100 for 2022 Ohio Super Lawyers. Attorney Crandall was named to four lists: Top 10 (where he was named number 2) and Top 100 for 2022 Ohio Super Lawyers and Top 5 and Top 50 for 2022 Cleveland Super Lawyers. These numbers reference the attorney’s ranking out of all the licensed attorneys in the area. For instance, Attorney’s Crandall ranking as number 2 on the Ohio list means he is ranked second out of all licensed attorneys in Ohio, which number nearly 38,000.

We work hard to serve our clients, and are proud to be named to lists such as these. It validates that we are fulfilling our mission to help our injured clients through difficult times.  If you or a family member have suffered due to medical malpractice or personal injury matters, please contact us today.

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