Facial fractures and vehicle accidents

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A car accident in Ohio could leave the driver and passenger suffering from various injuries. Broken bones are among the harm someone might suffer. Fractures could include damage to the bones in a person’s face. Such injuries may require extensive surgery to repair and cause tremendous suffering.

Facial bones and fractures

A facial fracture refers to any shattered bones in the facial region. A broken nose or cheek would be two examples of facial fractures. Damage to facial bones could result from hitting the windshield or dashboard. However, an object could fly through the windshield or the side window and cause injury. Drivers and passengers who hit each other on impact may also inflict inadvertent harm.

Sometimes, the healing process may take some time, but the injury does not require extensive surgery. For other injuries, such as when a victim suffers a broken orbital bone, the healing process may take longer and involve more extensive medical treatments.

That is not to suggest a broken nose or other less serious injuries are anything to downplay. A victim could go through significant pain dealing with a broken nose, and the injury might even affect their job. For example, someone whose work involves appearing in front of a camera may need to take time off until fully healed.

Legal actions after the accident

Drivers who fail in their duty to avoid negligent Ohio motor vehicle accidents may face a civil claim. Someone suffering broken bones in the face or other injuries would likely want compensation for the trauma inflicted upon them.

Those suffering any harm due to driver negligence may file a lawsuit. Negligence can range from drunk driving to distracted driving or could result from a moving violation. No matter the reason for the negligence, the driver may be liable for any losses the victim occurs.

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