Car Incursions

Car Incursions Can Cause Serious Injury or Death

When a car crashes into a building, seek guidance from our Kentucky auto accident lawyers

An incursion is an intrusion or penetration by a vehicle into an inappropriate space—such as a building, a sidewalk, a creek, or private land—caused by a driver’s loss of control. The consequences of an incursion can range from minor damage and embarrassment to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. The results of a crash through the front of a commercial building or private residence can be particularly injurious. Bystanders, as well as the driver and passengers inside the incursive vehicle, may also suffer serious injury or death.

The wide experience and detailed knowledge of Kentucky traffic law by Crandall & Pera Law’s Kentucky auto accident attorneys enables them to aggressively represent plaintiffs in complex car incursion cases, especially where death, serious injury, or extensive property damage are involved. Trust Crandall & Pera Law to keep your interests first and foremost in mind. Our attorneys see clients in the greater Lexington and Louisville areas and from around the state.

What causes car incursions?

A car incursion may result from a variety of actions by a driver, all of which end up causing loss of vehicle control. Some are clearly negligent such as:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or other controlled substances (DUI)
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving while distracted, such as by talking on a cell phone, texting, or using a GPS
  • Speeding or driving recklessly

Others are unfortunate:

  • Catastrophic medical events such as heart attacks, strokes, or seizures
  • Other serious medical conditions such as anaphylactic shock caused by allergy to bee or wasp stings, hypoglycemic shock due to diabetes, or any other condition whose sudden onset might cause confusion or unconsciousness while driving
  • Automotive defects that may cause a vehicle to stop responding to operator control

Kentucky’s traffic laws do not address incursions per se, since they are usually the result of statutory violations such as speeding, reckless driving, or DUI.

What are some of the complexities of incursion cases?

Car incursions can generate multiple civil actions. The outcome of charges against an incursive driver in traffic court may set the stage for other civil actions—such as property damage, personal injuries, or wrongful death—in which negligence is alleged, and the traffic court’s disposition is cited as proof of it. In addition, wrongful deaths that occur in connection with DUI or DWI may result in criminal charges.

Seek representation from an experienced Kentucky auto accident lawyer

Having an experienced Kentucky car crash attorney at your side can make the difference between favorable and unfavorable outcomes in personal injury claims arising from vehicle incursions. If you or a loved one was injured in an incursion, we want to help. Please call us at 877-686-8879 today, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of Crandall & Pera Law’s Kentucky auto accident lawyers.  We serve clients throughout Kentucky, including in Lexington, Louisville, and the surrounding regions.

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