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If a reckless driver moving in the wrong direction injured you, we can help

Wrong way driving can be caused by a driver trying to enter a freeway via an exit ramp, or by one who ignored a “DO NOT ENTER,” “ONE WAY,” or “NO TURNS” sign. No matter how a driver manages to end up facing oncoming traffic, he or she may cause severe harm to others. Wrong way accidents are essentially head-on collisions, and the combined energy of two cars colliding head-on is the equivalent of either car hitting a fixed object at twice its speed. Not only do few survive wrong way collisions—those who do are likely to be critically injured and partially, totally, or permanently disabled.

Crandall & Pera Law’s attorneys have an impressive track record of successfully negotiated settlements and favorable jury verdicts that attest to our success in helping automobile accident victims. If you have sustained serious injury because of a negligent wrong way driver, you should seek the professional guidance of one of our Kentucky wrong way accident lawyers. Call us today to learn more about how we can help in Louisville, Lexington, or the surrounding areas.

The causes of wrong-way accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) Fatality Accident Reporting System (FARS) discloses that about 350 people are killed every year in wrong way crashes on freeways in the United States. Drunkenness, drug abuse, visual impairment and age have all been contributing factors in wrong way accidents, although ordinary negligence is probably the principal reason for drivers ignoring large, illuminated or reflective traffic signs. In doing so, they pose a potentially deadly risk to themselves, their passengers, and other drivers.

How are wrong way accident cases resolved?

Wrong way accidents always involve negligence, which brings Kentucky’s comparative negligence rule into play. Comparative negligence is a “zero-sum game” in which the more one party’s degree of negligence increases toward one hundred percent, the more the other party’s degree of negligence decreases toward zero. The party at fault pays through their insurer, with benefits payable to other parties reduced in proportion to their share of the negligence, if any.

It might seem unnecessary to consider a victim’s share of negligence in the setting of a wrong way collision, yet there may be mitigating circumstances. Suppose the driver exiting the freeway was speeding down the exit ramp and, but for the speed of that vehicle, might have avoided the collision. Suppose the exiting driver was under the influence of a prescription drug that slowed his or her reaction time. A skilled car crash attorney works toward determining causation and works to help you obtain maximum compensation, preparing for any defense that may arise from the other party.

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If you have been injured, or a loved one injured or killed in a wrong way accident, let us help you prepare a case as soon as possible. A qualified Kentucky automobile accident attorney also helps by being the point of contact between you and all other parties: other lawyers, insurance companies, and claims adjusters, and by overseeing the collection and evaluation of all the medical information and investigative reports that support your claim.

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