Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Multiple Vehicles Collisions with Commercial Trucks in Kentucky

Experienced Kentucky attorneys fight for victims and families in complex cases

When truck accidents involve more than one other vehicle, suddenly the case becomes very complicated. If the cargo spills, then all cars and trucks around the spill may collide with each other or veer off the road in an attempt to avoid the spill. If a truck jackknifes or rolls over, the truck can occupy several lanes in both directions causing vehicles in those lanes to collide. These cases are complex because there are usually multiple claimants and multiple defendants. It can be hard to determine who was primarily at fault and who else may have contributed to a client’s injuries.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Kentucky multi-collision truck accident lawyers have the resources and experience to handle these tough claims. We understand how to sort out all the factual and legal issues. Our attorneys work with professionals and conduct thorough investigations to determine exactly how the accident(s) happened – from the first contact to the last. We make sure claims are brought in the right place against all responsible parties. Our attorneys represent clients thoroughout Kentucky, including Lexington and Louisville.

Determining who is involved

A Kentucky truck accident lawyer at Crandall & Pera Law begins investigating your case by determining who the claimants are and who the possible defendants are.

The claimants can include:

  • All drivers of the vehicles
  • All occupants of the autos, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Any innocent bystanders
  • The families of any deceased victims

The parties that may be responsible include:

  • All drivers
  • All owners of the vehicles
  • Any companies that hired the drivers
  • Manufacturers and retailers if a truck or vehicle defect was to blame
  • Governmental agencies.

There may be additional defendants as well depending on how the accident happened.

Who is at fault?

In multiple-vehicle collisions, there may be multiple parties at fault. It is not always the case that just one party is at fault. If the truck caused the accident; then the driver, truck owner and trucking company that hired the driver may be all responsible. If your car was rear-ended as you tried to avoid the fallen truck, you may have claims against the driver and owner of the car that hit you from behind – in addition to the truck parties as well.

A Kentucky multi-collision truck accident lawyer at Crandall & Pera Law bring claims against anyone that may be responsible. We then work to determine who was at fault by questioning witnesses, examining the scene of the accident and taking discovery of everyone involved. In some cases, multiple insurance companies may owe you compensation.

What court hears the case?

Crandall & Pera Law firm has the skill to navigate through these issues towards a just resolution of our client’s case.

When there is more than one defendant and more than one claimant, our Kentucky truck collision attorneys, work to get the right court to hear the case. Some of the issues that we fight to resolve our:

  • Should the case be tried in state or federal court?
  • Should the case be heard with other claimants or separately?
  • Should the case be tried where the trucking company does business, where the accident happened, or where the company headquarters are?

Where the case is heard can impact the ability of our client to present his/her claim and the amount of damages that may be awarded.

Make the call to an experienced Kentucky multiple-vehicle accident lawyer as soon as you can

Waiting can hurt your case. If there are multiple claimants, then the party that brings the claim first may have an advantage. In multiple-crash cases, the sooner our Kentucky multiple-vehicle truck accident lawyers can speak to witnesses and get to the scene of the accident, the better we can prepare the case. Please call our firm at 877-686-8879 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form. Our main office is in Louisville, Kentucky and we also see clients in Lexington. We make alternative arrangements when necessary.

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