Truck Explosions

Kentucky Counsel Provide Persuasive Counsel When Truck Explosions Occur

Strong advocacy for victims and their loved ones when vehicles explode or catch fire

Trucks can explode because of a gas leak, the ignition of hazardous materials or the eruption of chemical substances. Truck explosions often kill the victims in the truck and anyone nearby. Survivors often suffer severe emotional damage to go along with the severe physical harm they endure. Victims may suffer broken bones from the impact, respiratory damage, nerve injuries, severe disfigurement, burns and scars.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Kentucky truck explosion lawyers stand ready to pursue wrongful death claims on behalf of families of injured victims. In such cases, we demand payment for the loss of support, society and comfort each family member loses because of the death of their loved one. Our attorneys also seek recovery for pain and suffering, lost income, and all of a client’s medical expenses. We have used our experience and resources to obtain substantial jury verdicts and settlements for our clients, some reaching millions and multi-millions of dollars.

Why fuel tank explosions happen

There have been many notable cases of truck explosions due to fuel tank defects or truck defects. One classic example is the Ford Pinto pick-up truck built by General Motors. Truck manufacturers must make sure fuel tanks are properly designed and manufactured. Fuel tanks can explode because:

  • A sharp object such as a metal rod causes the fuel tank to ignite
  • Fuel lines may not be designed properly
  • Fuel pumps may not seal off when a crash occurs
  • Gasoline may not be handled properly causing it to ignite
  • Shipments that carry hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals may not be properly secured
  • Fuel tanks may have been made with faulty materials

Why food trucks can be dangerous

Food trucks can explode because they require another tank, besides the fuel tank, to cook the food. These tanks are usually fueled by propane, which is more volatile than the fuel for tanks. Poorly designed tanks, tanks that are not handled properly, and tanks that have substandard materials can ignite during use.

Food tanks in vehicles must comply with local, Kentucky, and federal laws. When food tanks explode, our Kentucky truck explosion accident lawyers hold the owners of the trucks and tank manufacturers responsible by bringing claims in court.

Tough representation in Kentucky when you need it most

When a family member dies or you are severely injured, it may be all you can do to breathe. At Crandall & Pera Law, our Kentucky truck explosion lawyers guide our clients through each phase of the litigation process. We work tirelessly to prepare each case for trial. Our lawyers fight aggressively to get clients every dollar the law allows. Please do not wait to call. Our legal team is ready to assist you today. You can reach us at 877-686-8879 or complete our contact form for an appointment. Our main office is in Louisville, Kentucky. We also see clients, when needed, in other locations including Lexington.

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