Inadequate Maintenance and Inspection/Poor Training

Kentucky Lawyers Explain Why and How Trucks Should be Safely Maintained

Strong legal representation when faulty trucks cause wage loss, medical bills, and pain and suffering

Trucks are much more complicated machines than autos. They are designed to carry heavy loads. They should also be designed for safety. Federal and state laws require that trucking companies and truck drivers continually inspect and properly maintain their trucks because truck accidents are often fatal or cause catastrophic injuries. When a truck has faulty brakes, bald tires, or other defects, it can be much more difficult to operate. Companies and drivers that fail to follow laws and common trucking industry standards deserve to be held accountable for the injuries and the deaths they cause.

Our Kentucky truck inspection accident attorneys work to prove an accident could have been avoided, and a tragedy averted, if only a routine inspection was performed. Our legal team understands how to investigate if inspections and maintenance were subpar. We review the trucking records and the laws to see if there was a violation. We work with trucking professionals to determine if the company or driver failed to make sure their truck was properly safe for driving. Our lawyers have obtained large jury trial verdicts and settlements for many of our trucking accident clients.

Routine commercial truck items that should be inspected

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Kentucky truck inspection accident lawyers review many steps and procedures to determine fault. Some of the common and required inspection and maintenance tasks we focus on are:

  • Whether the manuals and guidebooks for the trucks and truck parts were kept on the truck’s premises
  • Whether the recommendations in these publications were followed
  • If the truck’s braking and steering systems were inspected
  • If routine inspection records were properly kept
  • The truck’s capacity to decouple
  • The functionality of the lighting and electrical systems for the truck
  • If the items being transported were properly secured

The laws that apply

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles have rules and regulations for truck inspection and truck maintenance. These rules are designed to protect the truck driver and other drivers and passengers who are on the road. Some of these requirements are:

  • Trucks must pass a yearly state inspection.
  • Truck companies and drivers must keep records of the dates of inspections, the exact equipment that was checked, what items were found to be defective, and what repairs were made.
  • Drivers must inspect their truck before they begin each new leg of their journey.
  • Truck companies need to make sure the driver is properly licensed and properly trained.

Trucking companies understand how dangerous truck accidents can be. They know the federal and state laws are in place to provide for driving safety. When routine inspections are not made, or when the companies fail to follow the laws and regulations they have a duty to know, trucking businesses need to be held accountable. A successful legal claim does more than just protect our client and compensate him or her for the wrong suffered. Holding truck companies accountable makes them be more careful so that future accidents also do not occur.

Call an experienced Kentucky truck maintenance and inspection lawyer to start your claim now

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Kentucky bad maintenance truck accident lawyers hold truck companies liable for injuries and deaths that could easily have been avoided with proper maintenance. We demand compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, lost income, medical bills, scarring, and disfigurement. Please call us at 877-686-8879 for advice on your claim. We can also be reached through our contact form. We are eager to help you get justice for your claim whether you were hurt in Louisville, Lexington, or on any road in the state.

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