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Experienced Kentucky injury lawyers fight for Lexington nursing home abuse victims

Elder citizens do not discard their rights once they enter a nursing home in Kentucky. In fact, just the opposite is true. Because many elder care residents cannot handle their own affairs, Kentucky holds nursing home staff to a high duty of care for all residents. Unfortunately, elderly patients still get abused and mistreated in assisted living facilities more often than we would like to think. Children and relatives of nursing home residents should monitor their loved ones for signs of neglect or abuse. If you suspect mistreatment, you should contact a Lexington personal injury lawyer to hold nursing homes accountable for negligence and misconduct.

The Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law fight for assisted living facility residents in Lexington who often cannot fight for themselves. Once you retained our representation, we visit the nursing home to review the conditions and evidence first-hand the environment in which your family member lived.  We work with the families to make sure they know their loved one is getting sound legal advice. Our lawyers review the patient’s rights in the nursing home, the steps that were taken or not taken to protect the resident’s rights, and the physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual injuries that may have occurred. We fight to address each and every wrong and get the maximum compensation Kentucky allows for nursing home violations.

Common types of nursing home neglect and abuse in Lexington

Our Lexington nursing home abuse lawyers understand that nursing home staff – including doctors, technicians, nurses, and support staff – have a legal standard of care they must uphold. When they fail to meet that standard, a standard another competent professional presumably would have met, nursing homes can be held liable for neglect and abuse. We work to show that the failure to exercise this duty caused the resident’s injuries.

There are four common types of nursing home abuse and neglect:

  • Physical Abuse. Patients should not suffer injury, pain, or harm due to physical assault, improper use of constraints, or wrongful drug administration.
  • Emotional Abuse. Elder residents should not be isolated or confined. Nursing home staff cannot verbally abuse residents through ridicule, intimidation, or other means.
  • Financial Abuse. Elder residents are often taken advantage of because they have money or assets. Nursing home providers cannot use fraud, coercion, duress, or theft to obtain money from the residents.
  • Sexual Abuse. Sadly some elder residents are sexually abused through physical contact or sexual materials. Our Lexington nursing home abuse lawyers investigate this serious abuse of elderly patients and help you pursue criminal charges when appropriate.

Additionally, neglect includes failing to provide proper medical care. Medical care includes clothing, bathing, and feeding of the resident. It also can include giving the elder person his or her medications. Nursing homes may also be required to check the patient’s breathing tubes, human waste colostomy bags, and bedpans. Rooms should be monitored for cleanliness, and must meet all proper safety standards.

Recognizing nursing home neglect and abuse

Family members and friends should look for the following signs when they visit someone in a nursing home. Regular visits are advisable. Common signs of neglect or abuse include:

  • Physical Signs, including cuts, bruises, broken bones, bedsores, weight loss, malnutrition, poor hygiene, unexplained bleeding, and hair loss.
  • Emotional Signs, including lack of communication, depression, withdrawal, and behavioral changes.
  • Financial Signs, including unusual or unexplained charges, missing funds, and misappropriation of money.
  • Sexual Abuse Signs, including behavioral changes, withdrawal, unexplained bruising, lack of communication, and depression.

Friends and family should also look for signs that the elder resident has an infection, such as sepsis, or signs of dementia. A death of a resident who was otherwise healthy should be inspected to make sure it was due to natural causes and not neglect or abuse. Our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys can help to determine if nursing home neglect or abuse involves medical malpractice or medication errors.

Contact Crandall & Pera Law if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect

Elder care residents who are being neglected or abused often cannot or will not speak for themselves. They may fear retaliation from nursing home staff or may just not be able to communicate their concerns. Family members should consult a Lexington nursing home abuse lawyer at Crandall & Pera Law if they suspect anything unusual is taking place at the nursing home. Please call 877-686-8879 or complete our contact form to reserve a consultation.

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