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Individuals who have been left with spinal cord injuries after a serious accident or an act of medical negligence have a challenging road ahead of them. Some may be left with partial paralysis that eventually resolves allowing the individual to resume many of their activities after physical therapy and rehabilitation. But for others, the paralysis remains and the injured person must learn how live within the new limitations of their body. Receiving the diagnosis that your paralysis is permanent will impact every aspect of your life. You may feel hopeless in the face of such news.

We are here to help restore your hope for the future. At Crandall & Pera Law, we are your advocates fighting for your right to compensation for your injuries when they were caused by another’s negligence. We work diligently to investigate your case and hold the responsible party liable for your injuries. We have helped countless families throughout Kentucky after a catastrophic injury robbed them of their futures by ensuring that they could have those futures back.

Causes of full, permanent paralysis

Full paralysis is caused by a spinal cord injury. When that bundle of nerves that runs up and down your spine gets injured, it interrupts the signal between your body and your brain. You lose sensation and the ability to move your body.

Motor vehicle accidents falls, violent assaults and sports injuries are the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. Permanent paralysis can also happen as the result of a medical error when a person is undergoing a procedure called a transforaminal epidural. In this procedure, the anesthesiologist inserts a needle into the patient’s spine to deliver a steroid injection to manage pain. When done correctly, the patient experiences relief from debilitating pain for weeks or even months at a time; however, if the procedure is done incorrectly it can have devastating effects such as paralysis or even death.

What is quadriplegia?

Total and permanent loss of sensory function and the ability to move in both arms, legs and the torso is called quadriplegia. When the torso is paralyzed it also includes the loss of autonomic functions such as bladder and bowel control, breathing, digestion and sexual function.

There are many additional complications that can occur in quadriplegics such as respiratory infections, cardiovascular disorders, and many others. Quadriplegics are dependent on others or on complex medical technologies for all of the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and eating, so they require ongoing daily care. For paralysis victims who need assistance breathing, clogged breathing tubes and malfunctioning equipment pose serious risks, and can lead to permanent brain damage if the person is deprived of oxygen for too long.

At Crandall & Pera Law we have helped countless other clients obtain the compensation they deserve after full, permanent paralysis from a spinal cord injury. We have more than 60 years of combined legal experience safeguarding the rights of those who have been injured by another’s negligence or recklessness.

We can help you meet the challenge of living with permanent paralysis after an injury

Living with a spinal cord injury requires fortitude. Caring for a paralysis victim does, too. At Crandall & Pera Law, we are here to hold you up in the moments that your strength may waiver, and to fight on your behalf so that you never have to worry about your medical expenses, your family’s security or your future. Please fill out our contact form or call 877.686.8879 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. Though we keep offices in Kentucky, we will come to you if you cannot travel because of your condition.

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