Advocating For Clients When Penile Injections Go Wrong

Men with erectile dysfunction usually have some other underlying medical problems. Good doctors will try to determine the core medical condition and treat the condition with the right medical treatment. Doctors may first give a man one of the newer drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

When oral medications fail, physicians may treat the problem by injecting medications, such as alprostadil, papaverine, phenoxybenzamine and papaverine. Many people know these drugs and similar drugs by the more common names of Bimix, Trimix, Quad-mix or Edex. But these injectables can also cause priapism, which can make a man impotent.

The medical malpractice attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law fight for those injured due to negligent use of these injections. Our lawyers work with registered nurses and doctors to determine whether there was medical malpractice. If there was medical error, our personal injury lawyers will fight to obtain compensation that pays for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What Is Priapism?

Priapism is a medical condition, often painful, in which the patient’s penis does not return to its normal relaxed state after four hours.

In low-flow priapism, blood does not properly flow from the penis back to the rest of the body. High-flow priapism involves problems with the body’s vascular system. Early treatment of priapism is essential. Otherwise, a man with priapism can have permanent damage to tissue and blood vessels in the penis, which can lead to impotency.

Why Penile Injections Are Dangerous

Many doctors are overprescribing penile injections when medications or searching for the real cause of the erectile dysfunction would be better. Doctors who prescribe penile injections are also putting their patient at risk for infection and deformities of the penis.

Surgeries other than injections that may be able to help with erectile dysfunction include repairing the tissue and blood vessels in the penis or having a penile implant.

When Are Penile Injections Medical Malpractice?

For starters, doctors know the risk of priapism when prescribing penile injections. Not only doctors, but also the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs used in penile injections, have an obligation to warn the patient about the possibility of priapism and impotency. Malpractice also includes failing to inform the patient that if they develop priapism they should seek medical attention immediately with a urologist or at the closest emergency room. Quick attention to priapism can help mitigate the damage.

We Fight For Injured Patients

At Crandall & Pera Law, our attorneys know how to hold doctors accountable for prescribing penile injections when other remedies would be better, or for failing to advise the patient about the dangers of priapism.

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