Representing Parties Injured In Multicar Collisions Throughout Ohio

Accidents that involved three or more vehicles are known as “multicar collisions.” These types of car accident cases can be challenging for many reasons, but determining liability can be particularly troublesome. In some cases, one driver may shoulder all the blame while in other instances, several drivers may share fault.

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How Do Multicar Accidents Happen?

Multicar collisions usually begin when one driver hits the rearmost car in a line. These “chain reaction” collisions can do immense damage to a number of cars.

In Ohio, a comparative negligence state, legal and financial responsibility belongs exclusively to the driver of Car Four in a pile-up, whose insurance company would normally settle by apportioning the payment of damages between the owners of Cars One, Two and Three.

Mass collisions, called “pile-ups,” are less frequent than chain collisions; they occur when multiple cars:

  • Hit the same patch of ice on the road and crash into one another
  • Skid out or hydroplane in water, and all hit a barrier
  • Take a curve or hill too quickly in poor visibility, and end up hitting one another
  • Are hit by one reckless or intoxicated driver

These are but a few examples of what might cause a multicar collision. A multitude of other factors could be to blame, such as a distracted driver or an animal leaping into the road.

How An Ohio Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Each driver in a multicar collision is responsible to the owner of the vehicle he or she struck. A knowledgeable Ohio car accident attorney works toward reducing your share of negligence to the minimum possible under the circumstances.

The same logic presumably applies to the mass pileups that often occur during fog or snowstorms. The causative driver can conceivably end up with one hundred percent responsibility for 10 or 20 other cars, although police investigators typically interview all drivers involved concerning their speed and activities as they enter the crash scene, to determine if there was contributory negligence.

We Will Be Your Advocate

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