Professional Representation When Defective Truck Parts Cause An Accident

Many truck accidents happen on Ohio roads because a truck has faulty equipment. The fault can be due to a failure to properly inspect and repair the truck before it goes on the road. The problem can also be due to improper design or manufacture of a part. Sometimes, the part works, but not for the truck being used. Other times, the part comes with faulty instructions.

Defects such as brake failures and tire blowouts create an immediate danger for the truck driver because their malfunction means the driver will lose control of the vehicle. Whatever the reason for the defect, the crash victim or the family of someone killed in a truck accident simply wants justice for their wrong.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our trial lawyers have decades of combined legal experience and a track record of getting justice. We make sure truck drivers, shipping companies, manufacturers and all responsible parties are held liable for the injuries and fatalities they cause. Our lawyers have obtained substantial jury verdicts and negotiated settlements on behalf of Ohio residents throughout the state.

Types Of Defects That Cause Serious Accidents

Trucks have many components that can go wrong. The bigger and heavier the truck, the more parts that can cause trouble. Some truck parts that have been known to cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle and cause a danger to other drivers and passengers include:

  • Defective tires, which can cause a blowout
  • Faulty brakes, which prevents the driver from avoiding a collision with a vehicle in front of the truck
  • Defective trailer hitches can cause the trailer to separate from the tractor and collide with another vehicle
  • Wheels that are not properly mounted or flawed can fall off or cause the driver to lose control
  • Malfunctioning hydraulic lines
  • Faulty steering mechanisms
  • Inoperable headlights, tail lamps and turn signals cause visibility and recognition problems for the truck driver and other drivers
  • Defective beds or straps, leading cargo to spill onto the road

Electrical connections, couplings, mirrors, windshield wipers, defrosters and other components all need to work to ensure driver and public safety.

Reasons Why Parts Might Be Faulty

Truck parts can be defective for many reasons. The reason a part malfunctions is one factor in our analysis of which companies might be responsible. Some reasons for defects could be:

  • Failure to inspect. Truck companies and drivers are required by federal law, state law and by their duty of reasonable care for the public to routinely inspect their trucks. Drivers should inspect the truck every time they get ready to drive it. Both drivers and truck carriers need to keep a thorough record of their checklist of inspected items.
  • Failure to repair. If an inspection reveals that a truck part is not safe, the truck company has an obligation to properly fix the part before the truck can go back on the road.

Strong Legal Counsel When Truck Accidents Happen On Ohio Roads

If a truck defect caused your injuries or the death of a loved one, we have the experience and skills to hold wrongdoers accountable and help get your life back on track. We work with professionals to determine why the accident happened, which part was defective, why it was defective and what should have been done to correct the defect.

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