Our Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers Tackle The Complicated Cases

It is bad enough when a truck rolls over or gets into an accident that injures just the driver. It is worse when the truck and one other vehicle are involved. When a truck and multiple vehicles are involved in a crash, the issues are very complex. The first task is to determine why the accident happened. The second task is to determine how the crash occurred — which vehicles struck which other vehicles and in what order. There are many other tasks that need review. Multiple plaintiffs often mean multiple defendants, which means multiple lawyers.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our skilled trial lawyers have the experience and skill to sort through the maze of issues. We review all police reports and speak to all relevant witnesses. Our firm works with traffic reconstruction experts and even computer graphics specialists, if needed, to analyze all the issues. Our lawyers also work to make sure the case is heard in Ohio in a venue near our client.

In all truck accident cases, we fight aggressively to help obtain substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients’ lost wages, medical bills, physical pain and emotional suffering. Our track record of success speaks volumes.

Who Are The Players In Multivehicle Cases?

It can be hard to determine all the participants in a multiple crash case. In addition to our client, there are usually other drivers and passengers who were hurt. If someone died, the family has someone who handles claims for the family and the deceased.

The defendants can include all the drivers. The owners of the vehicles may be held liable too. In addition, anyone who worked on the vehicle might become a defendant. In trucking cases, all the parties to the shipping contract may be included in the case. If a part was defective, the manufacturer, distributor and retailer can all be named in a lawsuit.

Our job is to make sure all the right people and businesses are identified and made part of the litigation.

Who Is At Fault?

Often the truck driver and the truck will be the starting point for determining how the accident happened. The truck driver may have been going too fast, or may have lost control due to distraction or driver fatigue. The conduct of all other drivers must be explored too.

In some cases, just the initial truck is at fault. But sometimes, other drivers may have partial fault of their own. This part of the case is extremely complex and requires lawyers who understand all the liability issues and the factual possibilities. Our attorneys have the skill to navigate through these issues toward a just resolution of our client’s case.

Discuss Your Case With Professional Ohio Attorneys Now

Delay can make it harder to speak to all the witnesses. Delay can mean your case may be tried in a locale convenient to other plaintiffs who file first. The complexity of these cases makes it important to get an early start on the facts and on the legal issues.

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