Medical Malpractice Lawsuit against the Cleveland Clinic Foundation

A Successful Medical Malpractice Lawsuit against the Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland Clinic’s medical negligence against one of their own

People who live in Cleveland, Ohio know the Cleveland Clinic well. It’s an academic center (sometimes called a “teaching hospital”) and, like the Mayo Clinic, is a non-profit corporation. It is consistently featured in U.S. News and World Report as one of the finest hospitals in the country; in fact, this year it took a place in the top 3 spots in 9 of the 16 areas of practice included in the rankings, and came in first a number of those times. In fact, people from around the country and the world travel to The Cleveland Clinic Foundation to seek out what that hospital self-proclaims is “World Class Care.”

Note: if you traveled to the U.S. to undergo treatment at the Cleveland Clinic, please read our page on services for international medical malpractice clients.

However, Cleveland Clinic may be under the trance of its own advertisements and rankings, as medical negligence and medical malpractice cases have been investigated and filed with increasing frequency by the experienced lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law. Even the finest doctors and finest institutions can make mistakes. And on occasion, the mistakes made by the doctors deprive even their own colleagues of the most fulfilling lives they can have. When a surgical error left Clinic neurosurgeon Dr. Xiao Di with permanent damage to his left eye, thus leading to his inability to operate and the loss of his job, Dr. Di turned to the attorney he knew would protect his rights – Crandall & Pera Law’s very own Steve Crandall.

The medical error that cost Dr. Di almost everything

During a surgical procedure in February of 2010, bone fragments flew into Dr. Di’s eye while he was working. Despite all other attempts, eventually Dr. Di was forced to undergo surgery to fix the damage to his eye, which he did in January of 2011. But something went horribly awry, and ophthalmologist Dr. Andrew Esposito – the surgeon who not only worked on Dr. Di but served as one of his colleagues at the Clinic – tore an irreparable hole in the iris of the eye. This permanent damage rendered him unable to operate any longer.

That is why Dr. Di called Steve Crandall. He knew that he could no longer work in his field, and that his injuries could lessen his quality of life. Mostly, he knew that his livelihood was gone because of someone else’s negligence. Steve served as lead attorney in the case and fought on Dr. Di’s behalf. It only took the jury one day of deliberations before Steve won a $7.7 million verdict for his client on March 20, 2014, for pain and suffering, loss of consortium and for his lost wages.

A leader in complex litigation

Dr. Di’s case may have been resolved, but it is not a “happy” ending. Like so many victims of medical malpractice, Dr. Di assumed that his doctor would perform at the highest level of care; instead, Dr. Di is no longer able to work. These types of malpractice cases are extremely complex, and often require:

  • Reviewing thousands of pages of depositions, eyewitness accounts, policies and medical records
  • Hours upon hours of conducting interviews and research
  • Using sophisticated technologies to ensure that juries see exactly what happened

For Steve Crandall, this type of complex litigation is challenging but inspiring on behalf of a client like Dr. Di.   Consequently Steve does it very well. When you have suffered an injury that will seemingly be buried behind bureaucratic red tape and imposing insurance companies, you want an attorney on your side who can not only handle the pressure, but perform at his best under it. After more than 20 years working on both sides of the medical malpractice legal field, Steve Crandall knows what it takes to win complex cases when his clients’ lives are on the line. If you have a case against The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, contact Steve Crandall and Crandall & Pera Law for a free consultation on your possible medical malpractice case.

Your counsel for complex medical malpractice claims

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