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When Dilaudid® Does More Harm Than Good

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Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is derived from morphine and is an extremely potent drug for pain relief. It belongs to a class of drugs with trade names such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Percocet. Dilaudid can produce side effects such as drowsiness, mental confusion, and nausea. Excessive dosage can depress respiration and cause death. Other drugs, especially anesthetics and sedatives, when taken with Dilaudid may increase its depressive effects on breathing and cause death. There is also a risk of accidental administration of Dilaudid because its generic name, hydromorphone, can be confused with morphine.

At the Ohio law firm of Crandall & Pera Law, our team of attorneys and Registered Nurses understands the seriousness of incorrect or careless drug dosing, and the catastrophic effects such medical malpractice can have on patients and families. We have helped individuals and families throughout Ohio when they or their loved ones were injured by incorrect administration of Dilaudid. Please visit one of our offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chagrin Falls, Columbus, or Chesterland. We will visit homes and hospitals throughout the region if you cannot come to us.

Common causes of Dilaudid® overdoses in Ohio

Dilaudid is usually administered in hospitals by intravenous (IV) injection equipment that precisely controls the release of the drug into a patient’s IV line. The nurses and technicians who set up, program, and monitor the equipment do it according to orders written in the patient’s medical chart by doctors or other professional staff members. Unless care is taken, drug overdoses can occur when a doctor or other hospital worker:

  • Fails to update the patient’s chart before going off duty
  • Updates the patient’s chart incorrectly
  • Fails to review the patient’s chart before changing the dosage
  • Fails to obtain an accurate and full medical history, including a complete list of the patient’s current medications and their dosages;
  • Fails to monitor the patient receiving Dilaudid for changes in their respiration, consciousness, blood pressure, and heart rate.

When a patient is being released and a doctor has prescribed Dilaudid in liquid form for continuing use at home, great care must be taken to make sure the patient has been shown how to measure out exactly the right amount of the drug, and that the instructions are understood. Otherwise, the patient will be at risk of accidentally overdosing. An Ohio dangers drug lawyer well versed in Dilaudid cases and other medical malpractice claims can help ensure you receive compensation if you have suffered at the hands of medical staff.

Additional problems with Dilaudid

Overdosing is only one of the problems associated with Dilaudid use. The drug not only reduces the sensation of pain, but can stimulate the brain and cause an individual to experience a “high.” That, unfortunately, makes it prone to abuse such as illicit purchasing and “prescription shopping.” It is also easy for a patient to become dependent on, or even addicted to, Dilaudid without abusing it. A patient addicted to the painkiller who attempts to stop using it experiences severe withdrawal symptoms: chills, cramps, nausea, hot flashes, and involuntary movement of the legs. The longer a person uses the drug, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms become and the longer they can last. There may also be severe interactions with other drugs, interactions that increase the effects of Dilaudid drastically enough to suppress breathing and cause death.

The Crandall & Pera Law team has experience handling lawsuits that involve pain management drugs like Dilaudid. We have helped families throughout Ohio who have been injured by them obtain millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, fair compensation for their losses. Now let us help you.

Your counsel for Dilaudid administration errors

If you or a family member has suffered because Dilaudid was improperly or incorrectly administered by a medical professional, or if medical malpractice involving Dilaudid caused you to be injured, please call 877-686-8879 at once, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Ohio medical malpractice attorneys. We have multiple offices conveniently located in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chesterland, and Chagrin Falls, so we are always close when you need us most.

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