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Holding Doctors Who Fail To Preserve Airways Accountable

Your medical negligence attorneys when failure to preserve airways leads to brain damage

The brain consumes one fifth of the body’s oxygen supply, even though the brain is only a small fraction of the body’s weight. Loss of oxygen to the brain can cause catastrophic damage within minutes of the loss.  It is imperative that surgeons, doctors, and nurses keep the airways clear during medical procedures to make sure oxygen loss does not damage the brain.

The Ohio medical malpractice lawyers of Crandall & Pera Law know how devastating brain damage can be, because our attorneys have been representing clients in medical malpractice cases for years. We have seen our clients and their families suffer needlessly because of an act of medical or surgical negligence. Our lawyers have a very successful track record in obtaining large compensation verdicts and settlements. We serve Ohio clients in Chagrin Falls, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and the nearby regions.

What happens when the brain loses oxygen?

A total loss of oxygen to the brain is called cerebral anoxia. A partial loss is called hypoxia. The brain needs oxygen to metabolize glucose. The brain uses glucose to improve the body’s cells’ energy and to keep the cells alive. Initially, the human body responds to loss of oxygen by redirecting blood to the brain. After a short time, though, the loss of oxygen will cause damage.

Problems because of oxygen loss include:

  • Learning problems
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Loss of cognitive function
  • Limitations on movement and motor skills
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Strokes and heart attacks
  • Seizures
  • In severe cases, a person can fall into a coma or even suffer brain death.

People who wake from comas are unlikely to function normally. Patients in comas have to survive through feeding tubes and ventilators. Infants and children are especially likely to suffer permanent harm due to oxygen loss. Treatment of people in comas is emotionally draining for family members who often have to decide if life support should be maintained.

When is the failure to keep the airway clear medical malpractice?

The failure to keep the airways open during surgery or medical procedures can happen for many reasons. Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers will review each step of the surgery or procedure to determine which reason applies. Some of the common reasons airway failure happens are:

  • Improper use of anesthesia. Too much anesthesia can be toxic. This is why it is important to use an experienced anesthesiologist. A professional anesthesiologist will monitor the flow of oxygen to the brain continually during the medical operation.
  • Surgical errors. Arteries can be cut during throat, vocal cord, or thyroid surgeries, which can cause an overflow of blood that can block an airway.
  • Incorrect insertion of intubation tubes, which are placed in the trachea (windpipe) to help keep the airway open, can cause loss of oxygen.
  • Incorrect administration of CPR, or failing to administer CPR in a timely fashion.

Hard-hitting Ohio negligence lawyers take medical malpractice cases to court

The Ohio personal injury lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law have decades of experience trying medical malpractice cases, including when a patient suffers because of a loss of oxygen.  We know how devastating brain injury cases can be for the patient and their family. Our legal and medical team will guide you through each step of the case from the client interview and understanding exactly what happened through jury trial. Please call 877-686-8879 or complete our contact form to schedule a meeting in our Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chagrin Falls or Chesterland offices. In serious cases, we can arrange to the meet the client in their home or hospital.

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