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According to the National Limb Loss Amputation Center, one in every 200 people has had a body part amputated. Losing an arm, leg, hand, or foot is a catastrophic event. The loss means an inability to do the same tasks the person could do before the amputation. This includes work activities, taking care of a family member, and enjoying the daily pleasures of life. Amputations cause a lot of physical pain at the site of the amputation and emotional pain because the person knows that other people will immediately notice the loss of the body part.

In addition to medical bills for surgeries and medicines, the cost of prosthetic devices can be very expensive. Patients who have an amputation require extensive rehabilitation too. The Ohio catastrophic injury lawyers and staff at Crandall & Pera Law have been helping patients who suffer medical malpractice for years. We review each aspect of the case, negotiate fair settlements when reasonable, and try cases for juries to help patients get a just recovery.

Why doctors amputate the wrong body part

Our lawyers know many of the reasons an amputation may be necessary. Some of the most common reasons involve serious accidents, poor health and even frostbite. There is no legitimate reason why the wrong body part should be amputated. Actions that the Ohio medical lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law will review include:

  • Improper Diagnosis due to delay, or medical error. Some known medical conditions, if treated timely and properly, can prevent the need for an amputation. Frostbite, poor circulation, and infections can often be treated with medicines or other procedures short of amputation. Sometimes the wrong diagnosis is because medical tests such as X-Rays are read incorrectly. Other times, a delay in diagnosis can be due to failure to properly read or address known symptoms.
  • Failure to Treat Bacterial Infections. Infections can spread rapidly. Many infections could have been treated in advance of any amputation.
  • Reading the Wrong Information. Medical malpractice includes reading the medical charts and reports incorrectly or failing to put the right information in the charts and reports.

What happens when amputations go wrong

Wrongful amputations can cause many physical and emotional problems. The consequences of an unnecessary or failed amputation are often traumatic for the patient and the patient’s family. Some of the known costs of amputations are:

  • Phantom Limb Pain. This is pain in the area where the missing limb or appendage used to be.
  • Problems with Prosthetics. Many prosthetics do not fit properly, rub the joints the wrong way, or do not function well enough to help the patient.
  • Loss of Muscle and Tissue. When the area around the point of amputation is not used, as is often the case, the muscles and tissues may lose tone and may not work with the rest of the body.
  • Disability. Many people with amputations can no longer do the job they once did. Some cannot work at all. Others may need lengthy physical and vocational training.
  • Infections. The amputation site can easily become infected, especially shortly after the surgery.
  • Depression. Most people who suffer the loss of a limb or appendage need counseling to be able to transition to the new lifestyle the amputation demands.

Your counsel after a wrongful amputation changes your life forever

Losing a leg, arm, foot, or hand is devastating for every person. When the loss is because a doctor or health care provider failed to use proper medical care, the patient has a right to compensation for wrongful conduct. Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers work with nurses and doctors to review the medical history of each case and hold medical care providers accountable for their negligence. Please call 877-686-8879 or complete our contact form to makes an appointment with a skilled Ohio catastrophic injury attorney. We have offices across Ohio in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chagrin Falls, Columbus, and Chesterland.

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