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Fighting for Ohio victims and their families when intoxicated drivers cause injury and death

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the country. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 10,000 deaths on U.S. roads in 2013 were due to a drunk driver operating a vehicle. Light trucks and commercial vehicles accounted for over a third of these fatalities. The dangers of drunk driving are so well known and so severe that commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than the average passenger driver.

The Ohio drunk driving truck attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law hold drunk drivers and companies that knowingly allow drunk driving responsible for the deaths and harm they cause. Our legal team works with the police and investigators to prove a driver was intoxicated. We fight for all of the damages that apply, including hospital surgeries, doctor visits, medical devices, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Due to our diligence and skills, we have obtained million dollar jury verdicts and large settlements in many death and severe injury cases.

Commercial rules for driving while intoxicated

Drivers of trucks, buses, vans, or any commercial vehicle must obtain and keep a commercial driver’s license. The federal and state standards for these are more severe than for passenger licenses. One standard that indicates how serious the danger of driving a truck while intoxicated can be is the law on legal blood alcohol levels (BAC). The blood alcohol level is the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream at the time they were driving. For passenger drivers, the legal maximum BAC is .08. For commercial drivers it is half that – just .04. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that all commercial drivers refrain from driving for four hours after having just one alcoholic drink.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Ohio drunk driving truck lawyers work with law enforcement to help prove a truck driver was operating his or her vehicle while intoxicated. We use the fact of drunk driving and convictions of drunk driving to show fault. Additionally, we review whether the trucking company that hired the driver, or the owner of the truck, knew or should have known that the driver was operating the vehicle while intoxicated.

We also investigate who served the alcohol to the driver. If a bar, hotel, restaurant, or other business served someone who was already intoxicated, we may bring a lawsuit against this business as well under the state’s dram shop laws. Our firm may be able to hold a social host who served alcohol to someone who was knowingly drunk liable in some cases.

Damage claims we handle

Our legal team helps anyone in Chagrin Falls, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chesterfield, Columbus, or anywhere in Ohio who has been injured or has lost a loved one at the fault of a drunk truck driver. We bring the following types of actions against the wrongdoers:

  • Wrongful death actions. If someone was killed by a drunk driver, we bring claims on behalf of the family members. We ask for payment for the loss of society and services the loved one would have provided a spouse, children, and parents if he or she had lived. Our lawyers also demand other damages that may apply.
  • Catastrophic injuries. Many truck driving accidents involving drunk driving cause traumatic brain injuries, severe spinal injuries, and severe physical damage that can require long-term care. Many victims have permanent injuries that require care for a lifetime. We bring claims for all the damages the law allows.
  • Severe injuries. Our Ohio drunk driving truck attorneys represent all injured clients. This includes victims whose injuries will heal in time, but cause severe pain and suffering.

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At Crandall & Pera Law, we know time is critical in drunk driving cases. Delay can hurt your case. An Ohio intoxicated truck driver lawyer from our firm needs to investigate how the accident happened as quickly as possible. We need to be able to coordinate our actions with the police. If someone died, we need to help the family begin the grieving process and obtain just compensation. Injured victims need to see the right doctors as soon as possible. Please contact at 877-686-8879 to discuss your claim or complete our contact form. We meet immobile clients away from the office when necessary. We see clients in Chagrin Falls, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Chesterland, and throughout Ohio.

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