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Fighting For Victims Of Serious Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are unlike any other type of injury. The nerve damage caused by the burns leads to excruciating pain. Managing the physical pain and difficulties is only the beginning of the rehab process. The scarring and trauma from the burns can cause long-term emotional and psychological damage. Even more traumatic is knowing that your burn injuries could have been prevented if not for the recklessness or carelessness of another.

The lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law are trained to research the causes of burn injuries, and determine who may be liable. From our Ohio offices, we prepare your case for trial at every step, and negotiate aggressively when a settlement is preferable.

Causes Of Burn Injuries

A report by U.S. News & World Report states that burns are the third leading cause of home fatalities. Burns can also happen from vehicle accidents, at work or even during recreational activities. Construction workers, technicians, electrical workers and emergency care providers are susceptible to burn injuries. Children are also susceptible because they might be unaware of the danger.

The main types of burns include:

  • Fire Burns. The American Burn Association states that over 40 percent of admissions for burns are caused by fires. People can suffer fire burns from home fireplaces, ovens and backyard barbecues. Vehicle exhaust systems are also known to cause fire burns.
  • Scalding Burns. Thirty three percent of burns are caused from scalding injuries stemming from wet or moist heat. Liquid gases and hot liquids such as overheated coffee can cause scalding burns. Scalding burns are especially painful and are usually confined to exposed skin.
  • Electrical Burns. Faulty wiring and exposure to electric current can cause electrical burns. These burns not only affect the skin but can also immediately harm the internal organs. A rare cause of electrical burns is being struck by lightning.
  • Chemical Burns. Chemicals that are spilled or improperly labeled are another cause of burns.

Burns can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, including trucking accidents, construction accidents, nursing home negligence and other preventable causes. When your burn is the fault of someone else’s negligence – such as faulty wiring at a construction site – you deserve justice. The burn injury attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law have advocated for families throughout Ohio. We can determine the cause of your injuries and what remedies may be available.

Burn Categories

Burns are classified by severity and type. Most people have heard of first-, second- or third-degree burns when they hear a news report, but here is a specific breakdown of each type:

  • First Degree. This type of burn involves the outer skin known as the epidermis. Most first-degree burns heal in about a week.
  • Second Degree. This burn category penetrates the outermost skin layer and affects the inner layer called the reticular dermis. In addition to red skin, the burn victim may have blisters and red patches. If nerve endings are impacted, the pain is severe.
  • Third Degree. This degree of burn reaches every skin layer including, the subcutaneous tissue. When the burn heals, the person will likely have deep scarring and may need skin grafting.

Burns can affect the respiratory system and damage muscles, bones and blood vessels. These catastrophic injuries can affect the way you walk, your body temperature (causing fever or dehydration), how your joints function, and the balance of the fluids in the body.

Disfiguring scars are perhaps the most debilitating part of severe burns. Scars on visible body parts such as the face or arms may impact your psychological well-being. You might require professional counseling. Many burn victims relive the incident that caused the burn. This reliving is known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Skilled Attorneys Fighting For Burn Injury Victims Across Ohio

At Crandall & Pera Law, our experienced burn injury lawyers work to determine who or what caused the accident. If you or someone you love suffered a burn injury, please contact our firm by phone at 855-444-6651 or fill out our contact form.

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