Comprehensive Representation In Complicated, High-Stakes Lawsuits

Not every law firm is equipped to handle the demands of a highly complicated, large-scale lawsuit. Complex cases require expert resources, vast legal knowledge and a superior legal team prepared to take on tough adversaries.

Crandall & Pera Law employs a team of aggressive attorneys well-versed in the realm of complex litigation. When thousands, if not millions, of dollars are on the line, you want experienced trial lawyers on your side.

Examples Of Cases Involving Complex Litigation

“Complex litigation” refers to civil lawsuits that have complicated legal issues not present in smaller, more straightforward cases. Under many circumstances, the plaintiff or plaintiffs may be facing a formidable opponent in the courtroom. For example, lawsuits can become “complex” when:

  • Multiple parties are involved
  • Multiple plaintiffs are involved
  • Large sums of money are at stake
  • There is a class action lawsuit
  • The case deals with interstate/international laws in multiple jurisdictions
  • The case involves federal law
  • There are complex factual determinations to be made

Large companies, organizations and institutions have millions – if not billions – of dollars at their disposal, as well as armies of experienced attorneys. Crandall & Pera Law has the resources and skills to successfully litigate these types of claims, and a track record that speaks for itself.

Preparing For A Complex Lawsuit

Many small personal injury law firms simply do not have the resources or experience to take on the preparation required for a large-scale lawsuit. The lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law understand the various stages of complex litigation and huge hurdles you may encounter while preparing for a complex lawsuit, including:

  • Identifying all parties involved
  • Seeing which laws apply to the claim and which jurisdiction to file in
  • Valuing the claim and assessing damages
  • Drafting pleadings, complaints, pretrial motions and, eventually, trial motions
  • Fact discovery, which could include thousands of pages of documentation regarding all the issues involved in the claim
  • Expert discovery, which could include obtaining expert opinions from a variety of specialists
  • Issuing and reading interrogatories for a large number of witnesses
  • Preparing for mediation, arbitration or negotiations
  • Prepping for trial, if necessary

Most likely, multiple attorneys, secretaries and paralegals will be working on your complex lawsuit. Our team works together to complete all these complicated steps with care and diligence.

Choose Crandall & Pera Law As Your Ohio Complex Litigation Lawyers

Crandall & Pera Law has obtained several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts in complex litigation cases across Ohio. Once we take on your case, we develop a realistic plan of action and aggressive legal strategy. Call Crandall & Pera Law at 855-444-6651 or fill our out contact form to arrange a no-cost case evaluation.