Helping Families After Catastrophic Burn Injuries In Nursing Homes

Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries to sustain. Special care must be taken with the elderly residents of nursing homes to keep them safe from burns.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we represent the rights of nursing home residents whose injuries resulted from negligent or abusive care. If your family member suffered a serious burn at a Ohio or Kentucky nursing home, our team of attorneys and registered nurses can help you make decisions about what is best for your loved one moving forward.

Common Nursing Home Burn Injuries

Crandall & Pera Law handles complex burn injury cases in nursing homes. Some of the more common cases we see involve residents who were:

  • Burned by scalding bath water
  • Smoking cigarettes unsupervised
  • Burned when a hot drink or hot food spilled on them
  • Left unsupervised while lighting or using candles
  • Burned on cooking equipment
  • Intentionally burned by a staff member or another resident
  • Injured by steam from a radiator

Oxygen tanks and certain medical compounds can cause explosions or increase the speed at which a fire spreads. Nursing home residents with mobility issues are at a greater risk of being injured in a fire because they cannot get themselves to safety or because the nursing home staff is assisting other residents. Residents who have difficulties feeding themselves are at a greater risk of spilling scalding food or drink, and risk burning themselves or other residents.

Burn injuries also carry the additional risk of infection if left untreated. A serious burn injury can require surgery, and open wounds increase a resident’s risk of developing sepsis.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we know what a catastrophic burn injury can do to an elderly patient. Treatments may be prolonged or complicated by a resident’s medical history or current medications. Our team of nurses and lawyers is acknowledged by various objective ratings services for the work we do for our clients. During our investigation, we provide support to our clients, and occasionally visit family members who reside in the nursing homes. We help our clients make difficult decisions about what may be best for them.

Your Counsel If Your Family Member Suffers A Burn Injury

Crandall & Pera Law knows how a serious burn injury can cause life-altering repercussions. We advocate on behalf of nursing home residents in Ohio and Kentucky who were burned because of negligence or abuse. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 855-444-6651 or fill out this convenient online contact form.