Clogged Breathing Tubes

Breathing tubes, or endotracheal tubes, are used to help patients who cannot breathe on their own. Because they supply air directly to a sick or injured patient, it is crucial that they are clean and clear at all times. A clogged breathing tube can increase a patient’s risk of infection or suffocation, leading to potential brain damage or even death.

Crandall & Pera Law understands how a clogged breathing tube can cause catastrophic injury to a patient. Our team of attorneys and registered nurses helps families in Ohio and Kentucky whose loved ones have suffered needless pain and devastating injuries because of a clogged breathing tube. We advocate on behalf of nursing home residents who were the victims of negligence or abuse.

What You Should Know About Breathing Tubes

A breathing tube is rarely used on its own; most patients who require breathing tubes also require the use of a ventilator and a feeding tube. The ventilator pumps air into the patient’s airways, and the breathing tube allows the nursing home staff to remove any excess mucous or saliva.

Breathing tubes are inserted into a patient’s throat and continue past the vocal cords. A patient on a breathing tube, therefore, cannot breathe, cough, eat or speak on his or her own, making that patient 100 percent dependent on a health care provider to keep him or her alive. Most patients are also bedridden, which increases the risk of developing pressure ulcers or blood clots.

The Dangers Of A Clogged Breathing Tube

A clogged breathing tube can deprive a resident’s brain of oxygen. Research shows that permanent brain damage can occur within four minutes of oxygen deprivation, and death can occur in as little as six minutes.

Crandall & Pera Law handles these types of complex cases. We work with outside medical experts when necessary to build an individual case strategy. Our team investigates the circumstances surrounding your family member’s clogged breathing tube and will visit the nursing home with you if necessary. Oxygen deprivation can cause permanent brain damage or lead to a painful death; we stand by your side through difficult times and try to help you with our support.

Clogged Breathing Tubes Can Lead To Tragic Deaths

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