Failure To Offer Medical Attention

Nursing home are specifically designed to provide medical care to residents who need extra support. When the medical professionals on staff do not offer medical attention to residents who need it, a small injury or minor illness can quickly become something serious.

Crandall & Pera Law understands how quickly your family member’s health and happiness can deteriorate when medical attention is delayed or withheld. Our team of attorneys and registered nurses represents nursing home residents throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We have the experience and resources you want on your side to assist when an injury results from substandard medical care.

Failure To Provide Medical Attention Is Abuse

As we age, our bodies lose some of their ability to fight off illness. For residents with weakened immune systems, or health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, receiving the correct medication on a regular schedule is crucial to their health. Our attorneys handle complex cases where doctors and staff have failed to provide medical attention to residents who:

Understaffed institutions and poorly trained staff members can contribute to the failure to provide medical attention to residents who need it, as can employee theft or working while under the influence.

Regardless of why your family member was denied medical attention, we can help. Our lawyers and nurses work together with you, as well as outside medical experts when necessary, to discover the cause of the nursing home abuse or neglect. We strive to keep you informed about your case at every step, and to discuss all options moving forward.

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