2021 saw a new high in car crash deaths

April 19, 2023 | Crandall & Pera Law
2021 saw a new high in car crash deaths

The year 2021 saw a 16-year high for car crash fatalities in Ohio and throughout the country. During 2021, nearly 43,000 people were killed in accidents due to speeding or impaired driving. Fatal crashes due to driving while distracted were also a major occurrence. The total figures represented a 10.5 percent increase over the previous year.

What were the traffic fatality statistics for 2021?

The final tally for fatalities resulting from motor vehicle accidents in 2021 can be listed as follows:
  • A 12 percent rise in fatal crashes that involved distracted drivers
  • The number of pedestrians killed rose by 13 percent
  • The total of cyclists killed rose by 2 percent
  • Passengers killed when not wearing seat belts rose by 8.1 percent
  • Fatalities due to alcohol-impaired driving rose by 14 percent
  • Deaths due to speeding increased by 7.9 percent
  • Deaths due to crashes involving large trucks increased by 17 percent

Traffic crashes in Ohio continue to rise

The number of fatal vehicle crashes in Ohio continues to rise despite efforts by safety experts to stem it. These accidents involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians. The ultimate result is a series of tragedies that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over an extended period of time. Safety experts nationwide are continuing their efforts to bring attention to the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. Many new initiatives are being looked at as possible means of stemming the growing tide of traffic-related fatalities. For example, a series of tough new laws are being looked at as a reliable way to drive the numbers down. These include mandating the use of "Do Not Disturb" functions on all cell phones while driving. Authorities are also mulling measures to outlaw the use of hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel. There are also a number of specially created apps and in-vehicle systems designed to monitor drivers' actions and check for problems.