Client Testimonials

Sheevah Eastman

I met Steve through my sister in law back in 2020 when my husband got into a very bad motorcycle accident. It was a very a traumatic time for our family as not only that the accident caused my husband to almost lose his life, sustain multiple injuries that are lifelong, hospital and medical bills but also had challenged his mental health that put our happy marriage to test. It was the most challenging time as a young couple raising our few months old son at that time. During this very stressful and difficult period, Steve was there to give us piece of mind and confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He was very communicative, represented us well and really prepared us for depositions. He is seriously the best and his knowledge and service are exceptional! He is very genuine, really cared and wanted the best for us. Even after the case was settled, he was there to check in on us and guide us in every way he can. We feel very happy that Steve handled our case. We are forever grateful for Steve and we highly recommend him!

— Sheevah Eastman

Mari Jones

“Even though I am not one to post reviews of any services, I feel that it would be a disservice not to post this review of Steve Crandall and the assistance he provided me after the sudden passing of my beloved husband. My husband and I were married for 27 wonderful years, in which he always managed finances and distribution of funds to maintain our household. His untimely death due to the negligence of medical providers, left me with those responsibilities amidst the total remodel of our family home. Not only was I grieving this sudden loss, but I was also left homeless. Mr. Crandall immediately went above and beyond the duties any other legal professional would assume to ensure my loss was compensated. Even after mediation, he ensured the steps necessary to recover the loss of finances during the remodel of our family home. If my beloved husband could have chosen someone to help us through this time, he would have chosen Steve Crandall. He treated us with the utmost respect, he treated us as he would want his own to be treated. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for him and his professional guidance during this time. . I am proud to be a Crandall & Pera Law client and would recommend him for legal matters that you may arise as I know you will be in the best hands.”

~ Mari Jones

Doug Ferris

“I got a good feeling that Marc Pera understood the severity of what we were going through right away. He really cared. Marc is a great person and was very patient with me throughout the entire process. The office staff was also very helpful. We were highly pleased that he was able to get us a great outcome.”

~ Doug Ferris

Bobbi Shatzer

“Crandall & Pera Law was extremely professional and very helpful. They were good at keeping me well-informed and very upfront with all the information. Marc Pera and the entire staff spent time to make sure I was prepared. Everyone was nice and I am very grateful for everything they did.”

~ Bobbi Shatzer

Erin Maley

“I heard about Marc Pera when my family was in a horrific car accident. I lost my husband in the accident. The medical bills were overwhelming and I was not in a state to deal with any of the chaos. There were several attorneys that reached out to me, but I wanted to hire the best and someone I could trust. A close friend gave Marc’s name to me as a recommendation. During my first conversation with Marc, he offered to come to me at the hospital for my convenience. He did a great job of explaining to me exactly what was happening. He took all of the medical bills and pressure off of my plate. It was obvious that he cared about a lot more than the money. Marc truly cared about my daughter and myself. He did a great job looking at the mere circumstances other than just the legal standpoint. I would definitely recommend Marc to anyone in a situation similar to ours.”

~ Erin Maley

Timothy E. White

“It was as a result of a very unfortunate outcome from what should have been a fairly straightforward medical procedure for my wife that our family was introduced to Steve Crandall. I can honestly attest to Steve’s character and integrity, even more evident as we progressed through the course of my wife’s case. I was especially appreciative of his guidance, thoroughness and patience with regard to all of the legal matters, professionally and as a gentleman, since this was an avenue that my family and I had never travelled previously and was sometimes uncomfortable for us. Yet, his sound counsel provided a lot of the assurance we needed, morally as well as a peace of mind due to our medical financial situation. I could only hope that if our paths would cross again at some point that it would be under more pleasant circumstances. However, I would not even hesitate to contact Steve Crandall if I were to ever require his expertise in a similar situation again, nor waver from recommending his commendable services to another.”

~ Timothy E. White

Belinda Pope

“The first time we met Steve Crandall was at a very traumatic and difficult time. My family, the community and I were all grieving the death of my sister. Steve was very comforting and reassuring. He came to Toledo and met with our entire family. During that meeting he gave us great confidence and was very interested in my sister and her life. Steve was thorough throughout the entire process and became like a friend of our family. A lot of great things have happened since he resolved the case that has given us peace and a sense of victory. Steve was our champion and helped us to be heard. We would highly recommend Steve to others and have referred many people to him since.”

~ Belinda Pope

David Hughes

“We were extremely happy with Steve’s service. He is very easy to communicate with and very understanding of our situation. His knowledge of the law and industry was really impressive. I’d highly recommend Steve and Crandall & Pera Law to others.”

~ David Hughes

Pattie Gordon

“When my family and I met Steve, he was compassionate and caring. He made us feel very important and it showed. Steve generally cared and he truly cared about my father. Our family was going through an awful storm after losing our father and Steve was the rock that kept the family together. He would come to our house to meet with the entire family and made everyone feel comfortable by acting down to earth and easy going. Steve was always there for us and very prompt. Since our case, I have referred other people to him. He comes highly recommended.”

~ Pattie Gordon

Shari H.

“I contacted Steve Crandall after my husband sustained a permanent injury as a result of negligence on the part of his physicians. After meeting with him, it was clear that he thoroughly understood the issues with our case. Due to fact that I waited to contact an attorney, we did not have much time before we exceeded the statute of limitations. Steve, and his staff, wasted no time in obtaining my husband’s medical records and proceeding with the case. Throughout the entire process, I was so impressed with how prompt Steve was in returning phone calls and emails, and his willingness to take as much time as needed to answer any questions that I had. The interaction that I had with his paralegals regarding obtaining my husband’s medical, financial and educational records was equally impressive. I could not be more pleased with how Steve handled the case, and the end result of it.”

~ Shari H.