58-Year Old Woman Killed by a Truck Driver Whose License Was Suspended

December 26, 2017 | Crandall & Pera Law
58-Year Old Woman Killed by a Truck Driver Whose License Was Suspended

This past October, the Journal News reported that a concrete bucket truck crashed into the rear-end of an SUV, killing the vehicle’s driver and causing the car to burst into flames. The driver of the truck, according to the Hamilton Police department, did not have a valid operator’s license. Investigators believe that the truck was going 65-mph in a 35-mph zone, and that failure of the brakes to work properly appears to have contributed to the truck crash.

The 58-year old woman who was killed in the accident was a hospital nurse who left behind a husband, two sons and two grandchildren.

Liability for this accident

Who is liable in this case depends on a full investigation and an examination of the truck’s braking systems. The possible defendants include:

  • The driver, due to the fact that he was speeding and failed to have control of the truck.

  • The trucking company, if they were aware that the operator’s license was suspended or failed to inquire about the license.

  • The manufacturer of the brakes, if the brakes were defective and their failure caused the accident.

The husband and sons of the woman can claim wrongful death damages against the responsible parties. The parents of the woman could also demand damages. Wrongful death damages include the funeral and hospital bills, as well as the loss of financial and emotional support the woman would have provided each family member. They also include the pain and anguish of the family members, the loss of guidance and care she would have given her loved ones, and any likely inheritances.

In addition, experienced Ohio truck accident lawyers will likely claim that the driver should pay punitive damages due to the fact that his license was suspended. If the trucking company was aware of the license suspension, they may also be responsible for punitive damages.

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