Important facts about nursing malpractice in Ohio

September 21, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
Important facts about nursing malpractice in Ohio

Nurses are tasked with providing quality medical care to patients. Unfortunately, there are times when nurses make mistakes that can lead to medical malpractice. If you're a victim of nursing malpractice, you'll need to understand what you need to do, including how to file a claim.

Common ways nursing malpractice occurs

One of the most common ways nursing malpractice occurs is when nurses fail to properly assess a patient's condition. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including getting understaffed or overworked. When this happens, it can lead to patients not receiving the proper care they need in a timely manner. Another way is when nurses fail to properly document a patient's medical history or treatment plan. This can cause problems down the line if the patient needs to be seen by another medical professional. If the proper documentation isn't in place, it can make it difficult to provide quality care. Finally, nursing malpractice can also occur when nurses fail to follow protocol. This can be something as simple as not washing their hands before treating a patient. When this happens, it can lead to the spread of infection or disease.

Common causes of nursing malpractice

Many nurses work long hours and are often overworked. This can lead to them making mistakes or not providing the best possible care to their patients. Another common cause of this form of medical malpractice is a lack of training. When nurses are not properly trained, it can lead to them making errors in the care they provide. Finally, medical facilities may be at fault for nursing malpractice. This can happen when they do not provide adequate resources or staffing levels. This can make it difficult for nurses to do their job properly and put patients at risk. If you're a victim of nursing malpractice, the first step you should take is seek medical attention and have your injuries documented. Once you have medical documentation, you can then start the process of filing a claim. Just remember that you'll need to gather evidence to support your claim. This can include medical records, eyewitness accounts and anything else that shows how the nurse's actions led to your injuries. You may also file a complaint with the state board of nursing. if you want, to ensure that the nurse in question is held accountable for their actions.