Kentucky Truck Accidents in Construction Zones

October 2, 2017 | Crandall & Pera Law
Kentucky Truck Accidents in Construction Zones

You are driving along a familiar stretch of Interstate 75 when you see a slowdown up ahead and they you see the construction zone signs and you dread the slowdown this will cause. Road construction zones are required to maintain and expand our highways and roadways in safe condition. Those warning signs, the flashing lights, the orange cones, all those elements are designed to catch drivers' attention and remind them to slow down and become more alert as they move through road construction zones to avoid accidents. It seems like regardless of all the safety measures and warning signs, accidents continue to occur in construction zones.

An unfortunate example of a construction zone accident on a Kentucky highway cost the lives of six people in July. The Bowling Green Daily News reported on the terrible crash that took the lives of four members of a family that was returning to their home in Indiana from a Florida vacation, another man in a separate vehicle and a truck driver were also killed. The crash occurred at about 10:30 pm in the northbound lanes of I-65 in an area where road construction was going on. It is also a place where the highway merges from three lanes to two lanes. One of the trucks, according to the Daily News, was stopped because of congestion in the right lane and the two passenger vehicles were behind it. A second semi, which was traveling in the same lane, failed to stop and it crashed into the first passenger vehicle and setting off a chain reaction crash.

Kentucky state trooper Jeremy Hodges was quoted in the Daily News story: “With the work construction going on, whether the workers are present or not, everyone needs to pay attention. Be alert and be cognizant of your surroundings and slow down in the work zones.”

Tips for safe driving in construction zones

The Federal Highway Administration offers these tips on avoiding construction zone accidents:

  • Stay alert and minimize distractions

  • Keep your headlights on

  • Pay attention to the road, "listen to the signs," watch for brake lights and be prepared to react quickly

  • Merge into the proper lane

  • Do not tailgate. Keep a safe driving distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you

  • Obey the posted speed limits

  • Change lanes safely

  • Follow instructions from Flaggers

  • Expect the unexpected in a construction zone

  • Be patient

Also, be mindful when you are driving around tractor trailers and other large, commercial trucks to keep a safe distance from them in construction zones and on the highway. Large trucks have a much longer braking distance than passenger vehicles and they do not maneuver easily to avoid crashing into the smaller, more nimble vehicles with which they share the roadways.

Stay alert in construction zones and help keep our roads as safe as possible.

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