Louisville VA Facility Accused of Delays in Treatment

July 3, 2014 | Steve Crandall
Louisville VA Facility Accused of Delays in Treatment

As the negligent care of Veterans Affairs health facilities continues to be exposed nationwide, a local health center in Kentucky is finding that it is not in the clear either, according to The Courier-Journal.  

Patricia Mahaun, a 26-year veteran of the Air Force, waited six months before she finally saw a doctor at the Louisville VA to get a possible urinary tract infection checked and get a flu shot. Stephen George, spokesman for U.S. Rep. John Yarmouth said his office has recently heard from about 20 veterans complaining about waits that lasted three or four weeks.

Judy Williams, spokeswoman for the Louisville VA, said she could not provide average wait times at local clinics or say how many complaints the agency has received concerning waits. Louisville's VA serves more than 150,000 veterans living in a 35-county area in Kentuckiana.

The VA cares for about 6.5 million veterans and other beneficiaries in its 150 medical centers and 820 community-based outpatient clinics nationwide. In April, a national report pointed to screenings delays that prevented prompt detection of possible gastrointestinal cancer in 76 veterans at VA hospitals and 23 related deaths.

"Medical care delayed is medical care denied," said Mahaun. "If I am experiencing this inexcusable delay, how many others in the Louisville area and beyond are also? It's high time that we start treating veterans like the heroes that the public claims we are."

Read the full article here: Louisville VA defends care after vet claims 6-month wait

Yet another example of poor and negligent care offered by the VA to our veterans. Delays in treatment lead to malpractice, wrongful death and missed diagnoses, as well as medication errors and other mistakes that cost pain and suffering and millions of dollars in additional care.

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