Truck accidents and their common causes

February 12, 2021 | Crandall & Pera Law
Truck accidents and their common causes

Many of the most devastating auto accidents in Ohio involve trucks. When a truck and a smaller vehicle collide, the occupants of the smaller vehicle typically take the brunt of any damage. In 2018 alone, truck accidents were responsible for 4,136 deaths. The majority of those fatalities were pedestrians, cyclists and occupants of passenger vehicles. A variety of factors cause truck accidents.

Truck driver errors

Truck driver errors, like distracted driving or speeding, are possible causes of many truck accidents. Speeding is especially dangerous in trucks. Their large mass means they have too much momentum to slow down quickly. Distracted driving is another significant factor. Truck drivers who are, for instance, eating or texting can’t react to rapidly changing road conditions. A small percentage of truck drivers who get into accidents test positive for alcohol or other drugs. Lawyers with experience in motor vehicle accident cases sometimes see such situations.


Truck drivers often work long hours. Research shows that driving while sleepy can have effects that mimic driving while intoxicated. When drivers only sleep a few hours before getting on the road, accidents are inevitable.


Construction zones create circumstances that are ripe for accidents. They often result in closed roads, and they cause traffic to slow down or even stop. Because of their mass, semitrucks have a hard time starting and stopping at a moment’s notice.

Staying safe

You do have ways to protect yourself. Don’t pull in front of a truck unless you can give the truck lots of space. Stay out of truck drivers’ blind spots. Still, you can’t always control whether you get into an accident. If you’ve been in a truck-related motor vehicle accident, you may benefit from contacting a lawyer.