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The arrival of a new baby is typically a time of great joy and expectation. But sometimes, during childbirth, preventable injuries can occur, leading to serious health concerns for both the newborn and the mother.

At Crandall & Pera Law, LLC, we recognize the deep impact these injuries can have on families. We're committed to offering support and legal advice to families in Chagrin Falls who have suffered from a serious birth injury. Reach out to our experienced Chargin Falls birth injury lawyer today.


Why Choose Crandall & Pera Law, LLC in Chagrin Falls for Birth Injury Cases?

Chagrin Falls for Birth Injury Lawyers at Crandall & Pera

Our firm's reputation in Chagrin Falls as a formidable advocate for families affected by birth injuries is built on over 50 years of legal experience, coupled with more than 250 five-star reviews and a consistent record of favorable outcomes.

Here are highlights of our commitment, illustrated through past successes:

$4.65 Million Settlement in a Cincinnati Hospital Case

In a notable instance, we achieved a $4.65 million settlement in a case against a Cincinnati hospital. The core issue was the nursing staff's delayed response to critical warning signs during a delivery.

Initially, the nurses pointed the blame towards an obstetrician, but our in-depth investigation brought the truth to light. The OB had been in the on-call room all night and wasn't summoned promptly. This oversight resulted in a birth injury, compounded by the nurses' apparent falsification of records to hide their missteps.

We pursued this case right up to the brink of trial, eventually securing the settlement. This compensation has provided for the needs of the child who suffered brain damage, including educational support, necessary equipment, adapted housing, and ongoing nursing care.

$4.6 Million Settlement for a Tragic Maternal Death

In a deeply saddening case, we secured a $4.6 million settlement for the family of a woman who died during childbirth. The young mother, in the late stages of her second pregnancy, developed strep throat and was admitted to a hospital with fever and abnormal vital signs.

Despite lab results confirming her infection, the healthcare team's negligence left these findings unchecked on the hospital's fax machine. Her condition deteriorated, marked by worsening symptoms that were overlooked. Tragically, she passed away during the delivery of her second child.

The substantial settlement we obtained has been instrumental in providing for her two young children and husband, enabling them to fund their education and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Confidential Settlement in a C-Section Injury Case

In a recent case, we represented a 34-year-old mother, already a parent to two boys, who suffered fatal complications during a C-section delivery of her third child. A surgical error resulted in injury to a portion of her intestines, leading to an undetected and ultimately fatal infection.

The specifics of this settlement are confidential, but it underscores our firm's commitment to seeking justice in even the most challenging of birth injury cases.

Our dedication to our clients shines through in our ability to successfully resolve such difficult legal situations.

While every birth injury case is different, these examples reflect our commitment to justice. Choosing Crandall & Pera Law means selecting a team dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

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Birth Injury Compensation in Chagrin Falls

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The value of a birth injury case can vary widely, depending on factors like injury severity, long-term effects, and the specific circumstances of the injury. At Crandall & Pera Law, LLC, we thoroughly assess your case, providing a clear understanding of the potential compensation, which may include:

Medical Expenses

When a birth injury occurs, the medical expenses can be overwhelming. Compensation in this area covers the full range of medical costs associated with the injury, both past and future. This includes immediate hospitalization, surgical procedures, medications, and any specialized treatments required.

We also consider future medical expenses, especially if the injury results in long-term or permanent medical needs.

Our firm works to ensure these costs are fully accounted for so that the financial impact of necessary medical care does not burden families.

Rehabilitation Costs

Many birth injuries require ongoing rehabilitation and therapy. Compensation for rehabilitation costs includes funding for physical therapy, which may be necessary to improve mobility and motor skills, occupational therapy to assist in daily living activities, and speech therapy if there are communication issues.

The goal is to provide the child with the best possible chance for improvement and adaptation, and these costs can be substantial over time.

Long-Term Care

In cases where a birth injury leads to permanent disabilities, there may be a need for long-term care. This could include professional caregiving, specialized equipment, or modifications to the home to accommodate the child's needs.

Compensation in this category covers these costs, ensuring that the child has access to the necessary level of care for as long as necessary.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering addresses the intangible but very real impact of a birth injury. This includes the physical pain and discomfort experienced by the child and the emotional distress suffered by both the child and the family.

Although challenging to quantify, these damages are an important part of the compensation, recognizing the emotional and psychological trauma caused by the injury.

Loss of Income

If a birth injury results in long-term or permanent impairment, there may be an impact on the child's ability to earn income in the future. Additionally, parents might need to reduce work hours or leave employment to care for the child.

Compensation for loss of income addresses these financial losses and includes consideration for the future earning potential that has been affected by the injury.

Disability and Impairment

This aspect of compensation deals with the impact of the birth injury on the child's quality of life and daily functioning. It includes damages for loss of abilities, independence, and the need for ongoing assistance and support.

The aim is to provide the child with the resources necessary to live as full and comfortable a life as possible despite the challenges posed by the injury.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages punish the negligent party's particularly egregious actions and prevent similar conduct. They are not awarded in every case but can form a significant amount of the compensation in cases involving a healthcare provider’s especially harmful actions.

Wrongful Death Compensation

In the most tragic circumstances, a birth injury can lead to the loss of the child’s life. Wrongful death compensation seeks to provide financial relief for the family's emotional and financial losses. This includes funeral and burial expenses, loss of love and companionship, and the emotional pain and suffering endured by the family.

Pursuing a birth injury claim involves legal fees and costs. These can include expenses for obtaining medical records, expert witness fees, and court costs.

Compensation for legal fees and costs ensures that these expenses are not an additional burden to the family and are typically included as part of the awarded compensation.

Our firm, Crandall & Pera Law, LLC, considers every aspect of the impact on the child's and family's life when seeking justice and compensation for a birth injury.

Where Can Birth Injuries Occur in Chagrin Falls?

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Birth injuries can occur in various healthcare facilities in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The area is served by a range of hospitals and medical centers, each equipped to handle different aspects of maternal and child health.

Here are some of the prominent healthcare facilities in Chagrin Falls where birth injuries might occur:

  • University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center: Located at 3999 Richmond Rd, Beachwood, OH, about 5.7 miles from Chagrin Falls, this medical center is part of the University Hospitals Health System. It offers comprehensive healthcare services, including maternity and childbirth-related care​​.
  • UH Bainbridge Health Center: Situated in Chagrin Falls, this health center provides high-quality healthcare to the residents of Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, and the surrounding communities. It is part of the University Hospitals network, known for its patient-centered care and specialized medical services​​.
  • University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center: Located at 3999 Richmond Rd, Beachwood, OH, about 5.7 miles from Chagrin Falls, this medical center is part of the University Hospitals Health System. It offers comprehensive healthcare services, including maternity and childbirth-related care​​.
  • UH Bainbridge Health Center: Situated in Chagrin Falls, this health center provides high-quality healthcare to the residents of Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, and the surrounding communities. It is part of the University Hospitals network, known for its patient-centered care and specialized medical services​​.

Our Focus on Birth Injury Cases in Chagrin Falls

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Our birth injury lawyers in Chagrin Falls can handle a wide range of birth injury cases, including:

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Chagrin Falls Birth Injury

At Crandall & Pera Law, LLC, we are particularly skilled at confronting the strategies insurance companies use to reduce their liability. Our approach is tailored to each unique case, vigorously protecting our clients' rights.

Challenging Disputed Liability Claims

Insurance companies often attempt to evade responsibility by disputing their policyholder's liability in birth injury cases. Our team responds to this by conducting thorough investigations, gathering compelling evidence, and consulting with medical experts to firmly establish the healthcare provider's negligence.

Countering Attempts to Minimize Damages

Insurers frequently try to minimize the extent of damages to reduce compensation. We calculate the full scope of damages, encompassing medical expenses, long-term care costs, and emotional trauma. Our detailed approach ensures that all aspects of the injury's impact are accounted for and accurately valued.

Addressing Delay Tactics

It's not uncommon for insurance companies to intentionally slow down the claims process. We actively counter these delay tactics by maintaining a proactive stance, adhering to strict timelines, and pushing for timely resolutions. We expedite the process while meeting our clients' needs.

Negotiating Against Low Settlement Offers

Insurers often present low settlement offers early in the negotiation process. We are skilled in evaluating these offers critically and negotiating assertively to secure fair and just compensation that truly reflects the damages suffered by our clients.

Refuting Challenges to Causation

Insurance companies might argue that the birth injury was caused by factors other than their insured's actions. We address these claims by leveraging expert medical testimony to establish a clear link between the healthcare provider's negligence and the injury, reinforcing the strength of our clients' cases.

Taking the Right Steps After a Birth Injury in Chagrin Falls

Following a birth injury, take these specific steps to strengthen your case:

Follow All Medical Treatment Plans and Keep Records

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Ensuring the child's well-being following a birth injury involves closely following the medical treatment plans prescribed by healthcare professionals. This adherence is not only important for the child’s recovery but also plays a significant role in the legal process.

Keep meticulous records of all medical interactions, treatments, medications, and progress notes. These records serve as concrete evidence of the injury's severity and the efforts made toward recovery. They provide a timeline of the care received and are instrumental in building a strong case for compensation.

Document Expenses

Birth injuries often lead to substantial financial burdens, including a wide range of expenses.

Keep a detailed record of all these expenses as they form a critical part of the claim. This documentation should include medical bills, costs of therapy and rehabilitation, expenses for any special equipment or modifications needed for the child’s care, and even travel expenses for medical appointments.

By accurately documenting these expenses, you can ensure that you are adequately compensated for the financial impact the injury has had on your family.

Keep a Journal

Documenting the daily impact of a birth injury on your family is an important aspect of your case. A personal journal can provide a vivid account of the emotional and physical challenges faced by the child and the family.

This documentation should include the child’s daily progress, setbacks, emotional state, and the overall impact on family life. It can also record observations on the child's development, interactions, and any pain or discomfort they experience.

This journal becomes a powerful tool in illustrating the non-economic damages, such as pain, suffering, and the overall emotional toll on the family.

Gather Medical Records

Collecting and organizing all relevant medical records is another step in building a birth injury case. These records should include all documentation related to the pregnancy, birth, postnatal care, and any subsequent medical treatments or evaluations.

They provide an official account of the medical care received and are essential in establishing a timeline of events and identifying any instances of medical negligence or malpractice. Ensuring these records are complete and accurately reflect the care provided can substantiate your claim.

Marc Pera, Attorney for Birth Injury in Chagrin Falls
Chagrin Falls Birth Injury Lawyer, Marc Pera

Seeking legal advice from experienced birth injury attorneys like Crandall & Pera Law, LLC, is an important step. Our legal team can provide guidance on your birth injury case, including evaluating the circumstances of the injury, assessing liability, and estimating potential compensation.

Early legal consultation allows for a thorough investigation and preservation of evidence and ensures that important legal deadlines are met.

If you've experienced a birth injury in Chagrin Falls, reach out to us for a free case evaluation. Our dedicated Chagrin Falls personal injury lawyers are here to listen and provide the support and guidance you need in these challenging times. Contact us at (844) 279-2889 and let us advocate for your rights.