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Preventable medical errors are the third highest reason for deaths in the United States behind heart disease and cancer. Tragically, medical malpractice claims as many as 400,000 lives yearly – and many of these accidents are preventable. Survivors of medical malpractice suffer severe physical and emotional pain, may lose the ability to work, and often incur large medical bills. The family suffers as well, as they watch their loved one endure immense pain and fight to get their loved one the type of care he or she deserves.

The Kentucky medical malpractice lawyers at Crandall & Pera Law hold Lexington hospitals, doctors, nurses, X-Ray technicians, pharmacists, and other health care providers accountable when their medical error causes harm. We have obtained large legal recoveries because we have the experience, legal savvy, and negotiation skills to successfully handle these complicated claims. We tap into a vast network of medical experts to prove how medical negligence caused you harm. At our Lexington office, you can find a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you and your family.

Our Kentucky medical malpractice lawyers handle a wide variety of claims

The attorneys of Crandall & Pera Law have successfully tried and settled medical negligence cases in Lexington because our legal partners also worked for insurance companies. This means we know how medical defense lawyers think and which strategies they use. We also succeed due to our work with registered nurses and paralegals who are trained to review and process medical error claims. We work with physicians to review medical reports and charts to help discover and prove medical error.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our Lexington medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Surgical Errors. These medical errors include unnecessary surgeries, operating on the wrong limb, failing to preserve airways during the operation, anesthesia errors, leaving foreign objects in the patient, and failing to fully inform the patient of the risks of surgery.
  • Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose. Both types of failure can cause death and prevents the patient from receiving the correct treatment at the right time. Doctors and others who fail to diagnose heart disease, cancer, bowel leaks, infections, or diagnose the wrong medical problem should be held responsible for their negligence.
  • Medication and Drug Errors. Crandall & Pera Law has won or settled cases against doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and others for medication errors. Drug errors include prescribing the wrong drug or the incorrect dosage, not warning a patient of harmful side effects, or failing to give correct instructions.
  • Ordering and Administering Dangerous Drugs and Devices. Doctors who use drugs and devices that are subject to an FDA recall can be sued for medical malpractice. Actos, Dilaudid, and Stryker hip replacements are known to be dangerous. The Crandall & Pera Law team has successfully taken on these complicated cases.
  • Anesthesia Errors. Anesthesiologists must monitor the patient throughout the entire medical procedure. They should properly advise the patient before the procedure about fasting, check for allergic reactions, and evaluate the patient’s overall health to make sure they are a safe candidate for the planned surgical procedure.
  • Birth Injuries. Injuries to a mother or child can be caused due to negligence before delivery, during labor and the delivery, and during postpartum care. Crandall & Pera Law has obtained multi-million-dollar awards on behalf of our birth injury medical malpractice clients.
  • Emergency Room Errors. Our Kentucky medical malpractice attorneys know how doctors are supposed to treat patients in the emergency room. We hold health professionals liable who fail to treat ER patients in a timely fashion or provide the wrong care.
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect. We believe that our elderly relatives’ golden years should be spent in comfort and safety. Crandall & Pera Law holds nursing homes and their staff accountable for physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse and negligence.

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Whatever the cause of medical malpractice or which health care professional was responsible, an experienced Lexington medical malpractice lawyer is ready to represent you and fight for your rightful compensation. Because medical malpractice cases have short statutes of limitations, a delay can hurt or destroy your claim. Our Kentucky attorneys are here to help you and your family in this extremely difficult time. Please call 877-686-8879 or complete contact form. We meet clients away from the Lexington office when necessary.

Crandall & Pera Law’s Lexington office is located at 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 360, Lexington, KY 40509. We are available Monday through Friday but please feel free to call anytime, day or night.

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