Comprehensive Legal Help At Our Chagrin Falls Office

A misreading of a medical chart, a moment spent texting, a decision to skip changing the sheets at the nursing home – each of these moments can lead to unexpected, devastating and permanent consequences.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we have dedicated our lives to protecting families in and around Chagrin Falls after an error or act of negligence has caused them or their loved ones long-lasting injury and suffering. We know what it takes to secure substantial compensation packages on your behalf.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyers Who Had A Change Of Heart

Our founding attorneys started their careers on the other side defending insurance companies. Because we know what it takes to build a successful insurance defense case, we are uniquely equipped to anticipate those strategies and cut them off at the pass.

Who Is Looking Out For You?

Medical negligence occurs at health care facilities on a daily basis, causing devastating effects on families in and around Chagrin Falls, Beachwood, Orange, Solon and Bainbridge, Ohio. We regularly represent families hurt by medical personnel at facilities such as:

  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center
  • Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
  • MetroHealth Medical Center

We have won substantial verdicts for acts of negligence that occurred in these locations, including a $7.7 million verdict for a client against the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Auto Accident Coverage

Fault in an auto accident is based on a number of factors ranging from driver error to manufacturer negligence. Assessing the accident, reconstructing the circumstances leading up to the collision, and making an accurate and fair determination of liability is generally done by insurance companies. Yet these companies are profit seeking by nature and will do everything in their power to award the least amount of financial compensation possible.

Nearly all auto accidents are covered under personal injury and wrongful death laws. We conduct our own review of what occurred and fight hard to protect your interests.

Construction Site Injuries

Unlike other more straightforward personal injury claims, construction accident lawsuits can involve multiple people from multiple entities. This may require negotiating with many insurance companies. Your focus should be on recovering from injury.

Our team of skilled attorneys can ensure your rights are protected and you receive maximum compensation through negotiation and litigation when required.

Legal Help After A Collision, Construction Accident Or Medical Error

Seeking legal assistance is about more than money. It is about emotional and financial peace of mind. Keep your focus on recovery, let us worry about fighting the insurance company and protecting your legal rights.

Our legal team can be reached at 855-444-6651 or through our contact form. We serve clients in Chagrin Falls and the surrounding areas, and throughout Ohio.