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Life-changing accidents can happen in a moment.  There are millions of trucks on the road each day that can cause deadly accidents. Construction is the lifeblood of the economy, but negligence at a site can mean serious injuries. Many patients suffer permanent injuries due to the failure of doctors, nurses, and hospitals to provide competent medical care. On the roads, at construction sites, in doctor’s offices, and at the hospital, reckless conduct can alter your life forever.

At the Crandall & Pera Law firm in Columbus, Ohio, our personal injury attorneys hold people and businesses responsible for their errors and neglect. Each partner in our firm has worked for defendants and insurance companies. This means our legal team can anticipate many of the defense strategies that other personal injury firms cannot. Our lawyers have successfully tried jury cases that have awarded clients compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. We use our experience to help clients heal and to fight for a full medical and economic recovery.

Legal services for hurting families in Columbus, Ohio

Crandall & Pera Law’s Columbus, Ohio personal injury lawyers work with on-staff Registered Nurses, associates, and staff to give each case the individual attention it deserves. We work with engineers, reconstruction experts, doctors, vocational experts and other trained professionals to review how and why these accidents happened, so we can hold the wrongdoers accountable. At Crandall & Pera Law, we have one goal in mind: offering Ohio victims of negligence or malpractice a chance for a better future. Our Columbus firm primarily focuses its practice on:

  • Medical Malpractice and Negligence. Our firm handles the difficult cases. We represent patients and their families when health care providers make an improper diagnosis or fail to properly diagnose a medical condition, surgical errors, medication errors, incorrect dosages of anesthesia, and emergency rooms errors. We also sue when dangerous drugs and defective devices are used on unsuspecting patients. When you are hurt by a medical professional, we are there to protect your rights.
  • Birth Injuries. Crandall & Pera Law fights for families who have lost a child due to a botched pregnancy or when the child or mother has severe pain or disability due to a delivery that went wrong. We represent clients when there is prenatal negligence, negligence during the delivery of a child, negligent use of forceps or a vacuum, and negligence after the delivery.
  • Catastrophic Injuries. Some injuries completely shatter a person’s life. Patients who suffer terrible harm often need medical care for life and suffer from a lack of quality of life. Crandall & Pera Law advocates for victims of spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, loss of limb or an appendage, and patients who suffer a coma.
  • Commercial Trucking Accidents. Trucking accidents are often more deadly and cause more serious injuries because the size and weight of a truck simply overwhelms the standard automobile, including SUVs. Accidents due to driver fatigue, improper inspections, unsafe loads, and driving under the influence are common. Trucking accidents are regulated by federal and state law. The Crandall & Pera Law firm in Columbus, Ohio advocates for victims of these crashes and brings wrongful death suits when a family member dies.
  • Construction Accidents. Construction workers and the public have the right to expect that the sites where they work or pass by are safe. Our Columbus personal injury attorneys represent workers and the public when accidents occur due to improper safety equipment, defective machinery, reckless use of work vehicles, electric shock, trauma due to loud noises, vision loss, fires, and failure to warn the public about construction zone dangers. We explain when workers have the right to sue for negligence or reckless conduct and when workers’ compensation laws apply.
  • Wrongful death. If you lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, a Columbus lawyer can pursue justice on his or her behalf. Wrongful death victims often perish due to someone else’s reckless conduct on the road, on the job, or in a hospital.

What makes Crandall & Pera Law different

Our lawyers have 60 years’ combined experience representing personal injury victims. When you chose a Columbus personal injury attorney from our firm, feel confident that we can build a strong strategy for pursuing compensation on your behalf.

We know that serious, debilitating injuries change not only the lives of the victims, but the lives of the people who love them. That is why our lawyers prepare every single case to go to trial. We are well-known throughout Columbus as fierce litigators who refuse to settle cases too easily or too quickly. We work hard for our clients, as our track record of verdicts and settlements can attest. When it comes to fighting for your future, the team at Crandall & Pera Law is in it for the long haul with you. We do not give up.

Find out how we help Columbus families move forward

Crandall & Pera Law offers comprehensive legal services to victims of vehicle accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, and catastrophic personal injuries. To speak with a skilled Columbus personal injury lawyer about your needs, we invite you to call 877-686-8879 or to fill out our contact form, and we will respond to you promptly. Let us focus on your fight so you can focus on your recovery.

Our Columbus, Ohio office is located at 226 N. 5th St, Suite 501, Columbus, OH 43215. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM, but please do not hesitate to call anytime.

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