Fighting For Your Future After A Serious, Life-Altering Injury

When tragedy strikes, and you or a loved one becomes catastrophically or permanently injured, you need to ensure your legal rights are protected. You should not have to worry about dealing with insurance claims and resistance from negligent parties. Instead, you should be focusing on healing, both physically and emotionally.

That is where Crandall & Pera Law comes in. With offices in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and throughout Ohio, our personal injury law firm houses a group of passionate, dedicated lawyers. Our top priorities include resolving your catastrophic injury claim quickly, effectively, and with as little disruption to you and your family as possible. We believe in pursuing maximum compensation – and as a result, our clients have been awarded several multimillion-dollar settlements.

What Is A Catastrophic Personal Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are severe, potentially life-changing injuries such as:

  • Fatality
  • Permanent and severe functional disability
  • Severe head or neck trauma with no permanent disability
  • Furthermore, United States law states that a catastrophic injury is one that prevents the individual from “performing any gainful work.”

Catastrophic injuries may leave you with lifelong medical complications, huge financial burdens and an inability to gain meaningful employment. Tragically, many of the injuries our clients sustain could have been prevented — if not for the carelessness or recklessness of another.

Negligent acts occur when someone fails to act reasonably or use ordinary care, and can occur due to a variety of circumstances such as:

While you and your family adjust to a life after a catastrophic injury, you want an aggressive attorney to fight on your behalf. Let the skilled Ohio lawyers of Crandall & Pera Law handle all the legal hurdles for you.

How To File A Personal Injury Claim

These are the basic steps for a personal injury claim:

  • Gather evidence, which might include photos, video footage, medical records, witness statements and police reports
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney and share the evidence you have gathered
  • The insurance company may choose to settle the claim rather than go to court
  • Your attorney will file the complaint if you are unable to reach a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company
  • Prepare for court

The statute of limitations, which is the legal time limit for taking legal action, for most personal injury claims is two years from the date of injury.

We Can Advise You After A Major Injury

Do not shoulder the burden of a catastrophic injury alone. Turn to a compassionate personal injury attorney at Crandall & Pera Law who pursues legal justice on your behalf. To learn more about how we can help, call 855-444-6651 for a consultation or contact us online. We serve clients in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky.