More than 70,000 children and teens died in accidents in a 15-year period

January 19, 2023 | Crandall & Pera Law
More than 70,000 children and teens died in accidents in a 15-year period

In Ohio, many fatal accidents on the road involve adults. Unfortunately, some of the lives claimed by car accidents are teens and children. Since 2004, more than 70,000 teenagers and children have been killed in vehicle accidents in the United States.

Key statistics for child and teen accident fatalities

Based on data for motor vehicle accidents accidents from 2004 to 2018, the fatality rates for children and teens varied by state. By 2018, the number of children and teens killed in accidents was 50% less than in 2004. With 10.6 deaths for every 100,000 people, Mississippi ranked first for the highest fatality rate during that period. The state's rate was about nine times higher than the rate for the District of Columbia. New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey had some of the lowest rates. About 42% of kids killed in vehicle accidents during the period were passengers, and about the same amount were drivers.

Keeping kids and teens safer on the road

Adults can improve their driving habits to help keep child and teen passengers safer. Minimizing distractions, keeping focused on the road and other best practices are good to review regularly. Today, many parents teach teens safe driving habits and incentivize responsible driving. Even with the right precautions, there may be accidents because of other negligent drivers. It helps to prepare teens by teaching them what to do after an accident. When drivers make a habit of being conscientious and driving safely, the roads are less dangerous. Remembering that the lives of children are in danger with unsafe driving practices can help people make a more substantial effort to drive safely and responsibly.