Cerebral Palsy

Counsel For Victims Of Cerebral Palsy And Their Families

The tragedy of Cerebral palsy (CP) is not only the lifelong effects, but also the fact that CP is often preventable. CP causes lifelong difficulties with movement, speech and cognition, as well as the possibility of epilepsy, deafness or blindness.

At Crandall & Pera Law, our team of tenacious attorneys and registered nurses will investigate claims of negligence related to cerebral palsy in a thorough manner. We have helped families throughout Ohio and Kentucky hold negligent parties accountable and plan for a future that involves life long medical costs associated with CP. This medical condition can be caused during both pregnancy and delivery.

Brain Damage During Pregnancy

Lack of oxygen to the baby's developing brain during pregnancy can cause fetal hypoxia, a condition that cause irreversible brain damage if it is not caught and treated quickly. A pregnant woman with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, mental disorders, blood disorders and smoking is more at risk for fetal hypoxia and requires extra monitoring to promote the health of the baby.

Brain Damage During Labor And Delivery

A number of conditions may cause birth asphyxia, which is the medical term for an inadequate supply of oxygen delivery to the baby's brain and other organs at the time of birth. These may include:

  • Infection-caused inflammation that limits transport of oxygen to the brain
  • Physical injury of the brain due to use of forceps or other medical devices
  • Asphyxia related to the birth process, for example caused by an umbilical cord around the baby's neck during delivery

At Crandall & Pera Law, we investigate claims thoroughly, so you know whether or not a viable case exists for medical negligence.

You Can Turn To Us

If your baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you need to figure out what caused it. If there is evidence that unreasonable medical intervention during pregnancy or delivery by the hospital, or by a doctor or another health care professional, was to blame, you may have a malpractice case. The standard of care may have been breached by failure to:

  • Fully treat infection in mother or child throughout the pregnancy and birth process
  • Proactively recommend or execute a cesarean section before damage is done to the mother or baby's health
  • Respond to fetal distress before the baby's health is compromised

Our attorneys' comprehensive experience in malpractice law, combined with consultation with medical personnel, means that they can look at claims from multiple perspectives. We are widely acknowledged for our skills in the courtroom as evidenced by our past results for clients.

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