Forceps Injuries

Obstetrical Forceps Can Do Great Good – Or Great Harm

When a baby is ready to be born but is not in the proper position for normal delivery, the doctor may use obstetrical forceps to maneuver them into position and avoid the need for a C-section. The idea of turning the baby in a better position is not new. The first forceps-assisted delivery took place in the late 1500s. In the centuries since, forceps use has become an integral part of obstetric practice.

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Forceps: The Risks To Mothers And Children

The Mayo Clinic describes obstetric forceps as something resembling large salad tongs. The scoop-like blades are curved to fit around a baby's head and, when locked in place allow the doctor to position the baby properly. It is easy to see that such a procedure requires skill, patience and very steady hands. When used properly obstetric forceps can be a lifesaver; used negligently they can wreak havoc on mother and baby alike.

Negligence during labor and delivery can lead to serious complications and long-term or permanent health problems. If a doctor uses forceps before the mother is fully dilated and in labor, or when the baby is too high in the birth canal, both the mother and child can be gravely harmed. Careless use can cause maternal bladder injuries, or uterine tears that can affect her ability to have more children.

Careless use of forceps puts the baby at risk of skull fracture, brain trauma and brachial plexus injury. It can also bring the natural labor process to a halt, putting the baby at risk of oxygen deprivation and brain damage.

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