Vacuum Extractor Delivery Injuries

When a vaginal birth delivery runs into complications, an obstetrician may use a vacuum extractor to help with the birth of the newborn. A small, hard or soft, suction cup is put on the baby's head to create suction. A hand pump or mechanical pump is used to create a vacuum, and a tube connects the cap to the pump. The aim is to help guide the infant's head out of the birth canal. Often, the procedure is a success, but if the medical team is negligent, then the child can suffer long-term permanent injuries – or even death.

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Why Are Vacuum Extractions Used?

Difficulties in the delivery room that can require use of a vacuum extractor include:

  • The labor has stalled
  • The infant is not in the right position
  • The child has shown signs of fetal distress. These signs include decreased movement because of a lack of oxygen or cardiac problems
  • Cord entanglement
  • Placenta aberration

The OB/GYNs should check that the mother's cervix is properly dilated, the mother's bladder is empty, what the position of the newborn's head is, and other medical factors.

What Are Some Of The Potential Complications?

OBs also need to know when they should not use a vacuum extraction-assisted delivery. Such circumstances include when the baby is too premature, the child is too big, or the mom's pelvis is too little or is showing signs of an infection or a seizure. When there are doubts about using a vacuum extractor, a C-section may be the better option. Forceps may be another option.

If the vacuum extractor is not used properly or malfunctions, or if the cap is not put on the correct spot, the baby may suffer. Some injuries can heal in a short time, but in severe cases the child suffers permanent birth injuries. Some severe injuries are:

  • Nerve damage
  • Brain hemorrhaging
  • A crushed skull
  • A brain injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • A brachial plexus injury
  • Cuts or bruises on the head or face

Any injury to your child is devastating, especially during the fragile first few moments of life. Our lawyers are highly rated and recognized for their trial victories and significant settlements. We have obtained million-dollar results by paying attention to every detail, listening to the family, and fighting for full medical care and pain and suffering endured.

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