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Dayton Women with Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon

Cerebral palsy is a severe and sometimes debilitating condition which can lead to the need for 24 hour care for the patient.

Yet earlier this month, a woman in Dayton rose beyond the chains of this condition and managed to excel both mentally and physically.

Veronika Zbrizher, a junior at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio who was born with cerebral palsy, completed a triathlon with the help of some local firefighters,

Zbrizher, unable to move independently, competed in the Great Buckeye Challenge, a relay triathlon held in Springfield, OH. She used a floatation device for the swimming portions and a bike/cart for the biking and running portions, and was assisted by a team of three local firefighters.

The ability of the CP person to excel is often tied also to the amount of medical care and treatment they can receive at a young age.  Physical therapy, speech therapy and medical devices all help to provide the CP individual with the independence and ability to grow in this manner.

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