Personal Injury Case Results

Personal Injury Case Results

At Crandall & Pera Law, our attorneys have handled complex personal injury matters that often involve staggering injuries and multiple parties. We provide several of our past cases to illustrate our past results and the experience of our lawyers and professional legal team.

$4.7M Personal Injury Settlement

Portions of this matter are confidential. Our client was lawfully riding his motorcycle when an oncoming car driver, who was eating while driving, illegally went left of center and hit him head-on. He was thrown from his motorcycle and, despite being properly helmeted, he suffered permanent and severe paralysis. Attorney Steve Crandall represented him, his wife and children. After extensive litigation, the matter was settled for $4.7M, allowing for therapy, equipment and additional medical care for assistance and improvement. Incredibly, this client continues to work and speak to groups, despite his paralysis.

$20.5 Million Settlement: One Of The Largest In Ohio History

Our client was run over by a truck on a construction site. Crandall & Pera Law represented this student, and his family, against several companies, some of which were worth billions of dollars, as well as their law firms and experts. Incredibly, these companies attempted to blame our client for his devastating injuries, a claim that was completely frivolous and eventually disproven. Our firm hired internationally known experts and litigated this case fiercely. We settled for $20.5 million on the first day of scheduled trial after several years of contentious litigation.

Trucking 18-Wheeler Broadside Accident, Settled For $5.5 Million

An energetic married woman was on her way to a fitness center during her lunch hour when she was broadsided by an 18-wheeler truck that ran a red light. She broke many bones in her body. The impact also caused a traumatic brain injury. This injury was particularly disturbing as she was able to talk and, at times, seemed normal. However, the brain injury left her unable to remember conversations and take care of herself or others.

The settlement allowed her to obtain brain injury therapy that was cutting edge at the time and resulted in some improvement. Unfortunately, she is still unable to take care of herself, however a trust that was set up to care for her has provided equipment and housing modifications.

The case settled for $5.5 million dollars against the Cleveland trucking company.

$2.35 Million Settlement For Work Injury: Fall From Heights

A man suffered a broken back and brain injury after he fell from a ladder attached to a commercial building in central Ohio. Our investigation revealed that the ladder had been improperly installed and maintained.

The case settled during trial. The settlement is a huge relief to our clients. Bills had piled up because our client had been unable to return to work and will never be able to work again. The settlement of $2.35 million allowed his wife to stop working so that she can help care for him at home.

$1.25 Million Settlement: Jane Doe V. ABC Company Dayton, Ohio

A woman who was in her 20s and recently married died after a product she was using was found to be defective. There was a class action suit throughout the country; however, we elected to contact the company directly and discussed resolving her case without having to join the class. Thankfully, this case was resolved before a lawsuit or the necessity of joining the class action was required.

Every case is different, and the verdicts and settlement figures listed by Crandall & Pera Law are not a guarantee of similar outcomes for other clients and cases.