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Each baby develops at his or her own pace, but some motor delays may indicate a more serious condition. If your baby or toddler is failing to meet developmental milestones, discuss your concerns with a pediatrician.

Because babies and young toddlers cannot tell us what is wrong, it may take a referral to a pediatric neurologist to get a diagnosis. It is important to understand that symptoms of birth injuries from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and shoulder dystocia to a skull fracture may not always be immediately apparent.

Medical terminology used during delivery may not have alerted you to problems. But it can still be possible to review whether something went wrong during delivery with electronic fetal monitoring that tracks how well a baby is handling contractions.

Looking back while also preparing for the future

What does a diagnosis mean for your child? Getting an appropriate medical team in crucial, but you also need legal advice. It takes an experienced medical malpractice attorney to identify potential negligence, such as staffing shortages or altered records.

We have put together some of the key points from our paper in an easy-to-skim SlideShare format:

How do you start the journey to obtain a legal remedy and justice for your injured child? Our full white paper provides some initial guidance.

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