Foot cancer types and their symptoms

There are three common types of skin cancer that affect the feet. Ohio residents should know that foot cancer is not necessarily uncommon since it’s not always the result of sun exposure. Some cancers are caused by viruses, chemical exposure, and inherited traits.

The first type of cancer that often affects the feet is basal cell carcinoma. This one is actually caused by sun exposure. It’s the least aggressive of the three, only rarely spreading beyond the skin, but it can be easily misdiagnosed. This cancer will reveal itself as a white bump or patch that oozes, and it looks like a benign ulcer or tumor.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common of the three, and in its advanced stages, it does become aggressive. It has the look of a scaly, inflamed, itchy bump and may be mistaken for a skin condition like eczema, a fungal infection or a plantar wart.

Then there is malignant melanoma, the most aggressive and the deadliest cancer that can afflict the foot. It’s also known as “The Great Masquerader” because of the many appearances it can take on. Melanoma is normally a mole or bump that is asymmetrical, has ragged edges and is more than one color. It must be detected early, or there is little hope for survival.

Unfortunately, many patients suffer as a result of the failure to diagnose a skin cancer of the foot. This failure is oftentimes the result of negligence on the doctor’s part, in which case patients may have good grounds for a malpractice claim. They may seek compensation for the unnecessary treatments they underwent, for the worsening of their true condition and for pain and suffering, among other things. A lawyer may help them build up the case and negotiate on their behalf.

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