A quick doctor’s visit isn’t always a good one: making your family’s doctor visits count

September 2, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
A quick doctor’s visit isn’t always a good one: making your family’s doctor visits count

Many things can factor into a decision to go to the doctor. Back-to-school checkups or physicals may be routine, or perhaps an injury or illness is leading you to urgent care or the emergency room. Regardless of the reason why you’re going, no one wants to spend more time than is necessary at the doctor. But did you know that you might not be the only one rushing through the exam? Your doctor may be rushing you as well — a practice that can lead to terrible consequences.

Before you walk in, you may have already had your visit

The healthcare system is profit-driven and that means that doctors are often trying to get through as many patients as possible. Some doctors are not reviewing you or your family member’s symptoms with an open mind, taking the time to listen to your concerns and come up with an appropriate diagnosis, but are instead just using a pre-filled template to guide their questions and conclusions. This practice of using templates to guide exams is dangerous and can lead to symptoms and diagnoses being missed. Time is of the essence when identifying health issues and if doctors aren’t taking the time to correctly identify your family’s medical issues, an everyday diagnosis like strep throat that is easily treatable can turn into a much more serious problem. Sepsis can develop quickly and lead to amputation or death. How do you know if your doctor is using a template for your exam? You can ask them questions. Ask them where your diagnosis is coming from, or if they seem to be unconcerned about your illness, ask them what factors are reassuring to them. This may prompt them to think more deeply about your health concern.

Protect yourself and your family

Don’t let your doctor’s haste cause lasting issues for your loved one. If you believe your doctor may have been using an exam template and that led them to miss a diagnosis, contact us today.