A skilled witness can deftly paint a clear picture of malpractice

January 24, 2020 | Crandall & Pera Law
A skilled witness can deftly paint a clear picture of malpractice

The world of medicine is a complicated one, and it can be hard to educate a court enough to show them the validity of your case. But you don’t need to be up to the task since there are ways you can rely on professionals to do the job for you. Expert witnesses can bring a lot to your case, especially when matters start to get complex. It can be difficult for a judge or jury to understand everything that goes into your claim, especially respected standards that a physician needs to uphold. A qualified witness can help bridge the gap between common knowledge and the facts of the case, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Witnessing leeway It goes a long way when you have someone who can explain what you should be able to expect from a procedure, and then be able to compare that criteria to what actually took place. This can assist in drawing a contrast between actions that stem from unavoidable difficulties, and those that could amount to negligence. This differs from a non-expert witness, who the courts will give less room to speculate on things. The process generally uses these witnesses to offer facts of the specific event so the court can understand what took place. The court usually doesn’t let them stray too far in judgment and assumptions. Finding a second opinion While an expert witness can be vital to your process, the right professional for the job should live up to a few standards:

  • An expert in the field that your claim falls under, with applicable education and experience
  • Someone in good standing, with a current license and no past restrictions or judgments
  • An unbiased expert in the eyes of the court, without a chronic history of supporting plaintiffs
Getting the financial assistance you need after medical negligence can be difficult. You could be eligible for more money with more sophisticated matters, but it can be exponentially harder to make the failure evident. An expert witness can help you bolster your claim and paint a clear picture for the audience to look over.