Are Steroid Injections Really Best for Back Pain?

October 17, 2013 | Crandall & Pera Law
Are Steroid Injections Really Best for Back Pain?

New studies find that injecting any liquid, not just steroids, into the area around the spinal cord will help relieve back pain.

Epidurals are the most commonly used treatment for back pain, but these new studies suggest even plain saline solution works just as well as steroids to help reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow to the nerves and clean out scar tissue.

Because of the little different between the amount of relief provided by steroidal and nonsteroidal epidural injections, doctors may have to consider other viable options to help patients avoid the side effects many steroids cause.

"...Most of the short-term benefit seems to be not from the steroids, but from the local anesthetic and saline, which may 'calm' inflamed nerves that send pain signals," said Dr. Steven P. Cohen, a professor of anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins. "Doctors should consider significantly reducing the steroid dose, or even not using steroids in patients who are at high risk." Read the full article here:

Questioning Steroid Shots for Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the leading causes of worker's compensation claims, disability and even surgical intervention. Now a popular conservative treatment method is called into question.

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